experiencing Lent with open ears…

… Catholicism never leaves my senses hungry. The focus of this blog leans more towards visual treats; today I offer your senses auditory treats.

An absolute must; European group, L’Arpeggiata, performing Stabat Mater in Corsican polyphonic Chant. Their CD, Via Crucis, traces the Passion through Corsican folk music. I highly recommend. [iTunes]

Plainsong, Pange Lingua

Biber’s Passacaglia in G Minor from the Rosary Sonatas

And finally, just a really nice video of Orthodox monks during Holy Week. I know it’s a bit for early them, but it’s still a nice place to rest your eyes and ears for a moment.

Oh wait, one more. Arabic Orthodox chant for Holy Friday.


Taking down of Jesus from the Cross –

Glory to the Father, and the Son, and the Holy
Spirit both now and ever and unto ages of
ages. Amen

Thou who art clothed with light as a garment,
when Joseph together with Nicodemus took
Thee down from the Tree and he gazed
upon Thee dead, naked and unburied, and
in grief and mourning he lamented:
Woe is me, my sweetest Jesus! A short while
ago, the sun beheld Thee hanging on the
Cross and it shrouded itself in darkness. The
earth quaked in fear. The veil of the temple
was torn. Now I see Thee willingly submitting
to death for my sake. How shall I bury Thee,
O my God? How can I wrap Thee with
windings sheets? How can I touch Thy most
pure body with my hands? What songs shall
I hymn thy departure, O compassionate one?
I magnify Thy Passion. I glorify Thy Burial

and Thy Holy Resurrection, crying:
O Lord, Glory to Thee!

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  • Rosemary Amend

    Excellent choices, all. Thank you!

  • Patricia

    Beautiful musical selections, thank you!!  I am definitely going to check out    L’Arpeggiata.  We attend the Divine Liturgy at a Greek Melkite Catholic parish in VA when visiting family in the area & the chant during the Liturgy is absolutely heavenly, very much like Arabic Orthodox chant in the last video.  The Carpathian plainchant sung at our parish is also beautiful, especially the mournful hymns chanted during Great & Holy Week.