Hey Girl, maybe I should have let that cab run you over…

… “A Brit named Laurie Penny was crossing Sixth Avenue in Manhattan and looking the wrong way. A taxi was headed directly toward her when, lo and behold, heartthrob Ryan Gosling came to her rescue, grabbing Penny and pulling her out of the way. It was a classic “man saves woman” story. Who doesn’t love that?

Apparently, Penny. A self-described feminist, Penny was insulted by the media’s response. “I really do object to being framed as the ditzy damsel in distress in this story,” she wrote online. “I do not mean any disrespect to Ryan Gosling, who is an excellent actor and, by all accounts, a personable and decent chap. . . . But as a feminist, a writer, and a gentlewoman of fortune, I refuse to be cast in any sort of boring supporting female role.”

Talk about ingrate.

This is why women claim chivalry is dead. Because they themselves condemn it to death.

Do not be surprised, dear feminist, when a man pushes you out of his way to save himself from a sinking cruise ship. Or stands by useless while you get mugged at gunpoint, which happened to me in college.

I like the way Emily Stimpson summed it up;

“…smart cultures have done more than simply tell boys it’s not okay to hit girls. They’ve also promoted chivalry—specific actions designed to form men in the habit of gentlemanly behavior. The idea is that if you’re schooled since boyhood to use your strength to help and honor women, once you grow up you’ll be less inclined to use that strength to harm or demean them, as well as more inclined to protect them from men whose mamas didn’t raise ‘em quite so right.”

So please don’t take it as a personal slight about your physical capabilities next time a door is held open for you or you are shoved from the path of a speeding car. You cannot have it both ways, dear feminists, and complain about the demise of chivalry while scoffing at chivalrous men. Basically, quite crying that you think all men are assholes when you’ve given them permission to treat you that way by demanding to be their equal and sacrificing your femininity.

Chivalrous men make the world a nicer place – a safer place too.

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  • Amy P.

    Abortion and attitude toward men/marriage/conservative religion aside, I could never be a feminist because they seem to be so perpetually unhappy and offended all the time.

  • Andrew Hoover

    Amy’s comment reminds me:

    Q: “How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?”

    A: “That’s not funny.”

  • robertgwirth

    Never having been in Manhatten, I don’t know if Sixth Avenue is one-way or two-way.  But in either case it would be natural for a British woman to look the “wrong” way while stepping off the curb, because in Britain the drive on the left side of the road.  It could have been an honest mistake on her part — but she could have been killed and she is an ingrate.

    • My dad told me there’s all sorts of courtesy signs outside of British Hotels posted with “Look Right”!

  • Bern

    And no wonder so many have trouble getting married.

  • Daniel Barrett

    Chivalry or not, if someone pulls you out of the path of on coming traffic, you say thank you. 

  • Barbara

    YES! Our little guy came out of the womb ready to punch the world in the gut. I thank God for super heroes and soldier saints that help us illustrate the proper use of physical strength. I can only imagine what this boy would become without the rules of chivalry.

  • Helene E. Wood

    I just recently saw a long-haired, tattooed gentleman hold the car door open for his lady, and then shut the door when she got it.  I was so shocked because it seems that it’s been so long since I have seen that.  And he didn’t at all look the “gentleman” part.  Pleasantly surprised!

  • Too bad Salma Hayek didn’t save her!

  • Leah

    I think you might be missing the point here. She’s not objecting to being rescued by a man – she’s objecting to how she was characterized in the article. I’m not at all a feminist but I would be rankled if I were portrayed as a “ditzy damsel in distress” too. Why does she – or I – have to be “ditzy” in order to have Ryan Gosling – or any man – do something noble for her?

    • Nowhere did  I read where she been referred to as a ditz. They all plainly said she made a common mistake of looking on the wrong side of the road bc she was a Brit. She projected the “ditz” image when clearly there was none implied. 

      She’s a thankless shrew.   

  • She is just one big ball of P R I D E.  It isn’t pretty.

    BTW that happened to me once.  No, not Ryan Goseling.  But  in my twenties, consumed with my thoughts I was about to step off the curb of a little used street to walk to the Corporation’s 3rd parking lot.  A hand grabbed me on the shoulder and pulled me back just as a car brushed my hip. 
    Startled I turned to thank the person who helped me and found a middle aged well dressed man who was swearing under his breath shaking his head.
    Talk about humbling. 

  • phanaeus vindex

    Or stands by useless while you get mugged at gunpoint, which happened to me in college.

    So should the guy have risked his life for your purse?

    • pablo

      It is not a matter of the purse dumbell.

      A man pointing a gun at a woman should equal the guy getting his ass kicked…which would have happened had I been there.

      And yes, I have, in a heartbeat.


  • pablo


    Doesn’t need a man or Birth Control.