Josephinum seminarians descend on abortion mill in “prayer invasion”…

… Complete with flowing black robes – super hero style.

“COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 12, 2012 ( – Seminarians from the only Pontifical College in the U.S. have an awe-inspiring approach for confronting abortion head-on. Dressed in full regalia of a black cassock, a traditional red sash, and armed with a rosary, the seminarians descend in a powerful show of force every Saturday on a local abortion facility to confront with prayer what the seminary’s rector calls the “poison of abortion.” [source]

Shout out to Cory @ Josephinum.

In other awesome youth related future of the Church news…

Study finds new religious vocations are younger, more educated

Mr. Nelson [Abbey Roads] has some interesting thoughts on the burden of college loans keeping the ‘more educated’ youth from entering religious life and how he doubts that even some of our Saints would past muster and gain admittance into today’s religious communities.

The Little Sisters of the Very Highly Educated.

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  • Faith Flaherty

    I’m not so sure about it being the only Pontifical College in the US.  See       The Dominican House of Studies has a pontifical faculty, does that qualify as a pontifical college.

    • Lydia Cubbedge

      Dominican House grants pontifical degrees through Catholic University, which is a pontifical college. Students in certain disciplines (theology, philosophy -mostly seminarians) at Catholic get pontifical degrees.

    • Cory

      PCJ is the only Pontifical Seminary outside of Italy. There are a number of institutions both in the United States and elsewhere that have a Pontifical faculty to grant ecclesiastical degrees (i.e. STB, STL, etc), but PCJ is the only seminary outside of Italy who is under direct governance of the Congregation for Catholic Education in Rome and thus the Pope.

  • I was chatting with our favorite Josephinum attendee (hi Brian!) while  he was home for Holy Week about this photo & he said ALL 180 of them show up for this rosary…the demons must have fits at the sight of that! (He did say a few do drive by spewing their best attempt at nastiness but, as you can see, our boys are undaunted.)

  • tj.nelson

    Faith – I don’t think so, but I really couldn’t tellya.

    Kat – thanks for the link!

  • Katie O’Keefe

    Those are our hometown boys! (I know they’re from all over, but we love to have them  in our parishes while they’re here studying.)  I recognize more than a couple of faces. And, yes, they ARE awe inspiring!  🙂

  • pablo

    They are the scourge of Eucharistic Ministers/Lectors/Pastoral Ministers/Parish Administrators … and so on.

    They walk in the shadow of those great Men that toiled in the Garden of our Divine Master.

    They are not super anything.

    They are Priests (and soon to be Priests) in the Order of Melchizedek.

    It is good to see Catholic Men that don’t need to have a woman leading them around by the nose.


  • Lee Gilbert

    Regarding  “the burden of college loans keeping the ‘more educated’ from entering religious life,” there is a wonderful remedy for this problem: The Laboure Society at If you go to this site, and look under Aspirants, you will find a young woman who is planning to enter The Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Valparaiso, Nebraska this July and is just shy of paying off her college loans,  thanks be to God.

    My daughter is at that convent, a convent with an amazing story. First of all, all the Masses and all seven offices are in Latin. The rule is that a Carmelite convent should not have more than 21 nuns – unless they are planning a new foundation.  My daughter entered in 2007 and they had about 26 nuns at the time.  They went up to 35 or 36 and then made a new foundation in Elysburg, PA. Once again,  Valparaiso will have 35 nuns when Samantha enters in July.  Surely they will be making a new foundation soon.  They’re out of room at this point.

    As for education, there are at least two nuns there who are graduates of Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula.  My daughter is a philosophy major from the University of Dallas, and another nun has a degree in theology from UD as well.  The funny thing is that none of that really means anything very much in a contemplative convent.  They don’t ask for a transcript.  Their degrees are not framed and hanging around the convent.

    To put this more statistically, out of the 34 nuns presently in that convent, my daughter who entered in 2007 is now 13th in seniority.  Incredible.

    Somewhere I heard that Valparaiso has had more white veils (novices and simple professed) in it at one time than any other Carmelite convent in the history of the order.While I’m at it, I’d just like to register the opinion that any parent who fights his son’s or daughter’s vocation is simply out of tune with reality.   For  one thing, does he expect a blessing for this?  What kind of reward is there for frustrating the designs of the King, do you suppose?  Rather, I would expect chastisements. For another, there are so many blessings that descend on a parent of a priest or nun that standing in the way of your son or daughter’s vocation is effectively standing in the way of  many blessings the Lord had planned to pour out on you and your child.  In short, it’s utterly mad.5:02 PM
    Please prove you’re not a robot You’ll have to take my word for it. I’m not. 

  • Laura

    Pretty cool

  • It’s sad in one way at least, that bit about “better educated”, except insofar as that’s merely a side-effect of people entering religion somewhat later. A holy priest once said to me that one of the Church’s problems (at least where we were talking) is its becoming respectable.

  • Jeanne G.

    I love those guys! What a blessing living in Columbus!