not art…

anything that Yoko Ono does.

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  • Ron

    Don’t forget she can’t sing either!!

  • nitnot

    You are so right.

  • Oregon Catholic

    Ah, yes. The self important ‘moderne artiste’ whose thoughts are so deep they are impossible to mine. I can just imagine all the self important people lining up to view and discuss her “important” art. HaHaHa…..It always reminds me of the townsfolk in the Emperor’s New Clothes. Yoko may be just like the tailors in the story, or she may believe her own b.s. Who knows (or cares). Thanks for a good laugh.

  • David

    I think that the most annoying thing about Yoko’s “art” is that it reflects such profound laziness. There is no skill in anything she does, it’s junk that could be replicated in 10 minutes by any 8-year old. For someone who’s been pretending to be an avante garde artist for nearly 50 years, you’d think that she’d be able to demonstrate a skill of some kind. Any of her late husband’s doodles reflect a thousand percent more artistic ability than any of her pathetic attempts.

  • RichFader

    Vanderleun over at American Digest suggested the last person to leave the art world set her on fire. I said only if it’s captured on video. If it’s audio only, nobody could tell the difference between her screaming in anguish and pain and her normal singing voice.