National Book Lovers Day…

… I think there’s a holiday for everything. This one I’ll gladly celebrate. In honor of the day let’s talk about books; books we love, books we read over and over, books that profoundly shaped us, or even books that we are currently reading. Tell me why you love books.

On my bedside is H.V Morton’s, A Traveller in Italy. Morton, in my opinion, is the best travel writer ever. He weaves history, anecdotes, and culture into such a descriptive tapestry you are instantly transported to the locale. It’s been quite a while since an author has pulled me in so deeply with his writings that I look forward to the end of the day when I can curl up with this book and travel back to Italy each night.

Related Link: Hardest Books Ever, where Rod Dreher writes of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, “I opened a copy of this book once in a bookstore, and thought I was staring at the Rosetta Stone.”

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