The Democratic Party is a Party of Racism…

… Things are going to get a little politic-y around here, more so than usual. Brace yourselves. As I mentioned in the past, I do have plans to attend various events during the Democratic National Convention aka Abortapoolza. I’ll be around Pearl Park interviewing and speaking with the protest groups, at the protest march, and attending several prayer vigils before and during the convention. I have no interest in hearing or covering the speeches; Cecile Richards, Nancy Keenan, and Sandra Fluke – Puh-lease. The sounds coming out of my cat’s ass would be less odious.

So let’s get this thing started. Racism.

The Democratic party is a party of racism. The harder they point the finger at the GOP with accusations of racism the more painfully obvious it becomes. Democrats are race obsessed. And why shouldn’t they be? It worked last election. Obama was elected solely based on his race. He was supposed to represent a finale to the civil rights movement; to prove to the country that we’ve finally moved beyond the days of slavery and segregation. “Look how progressive we are; how far we’ve come. We elected an African American to be our president”. Never mind the nation didn’t know a thing about him at the time. He was charming and slick. And black. And that was all that matter.

However, we know him a little better now. We’ve observed his attack on religious freedoms, his inability to grasp the most basic concepts of financial prudence, his cronyism, his sympathy to Muslims, and his contempt for the unborn to the extremest extents. So naturally, when held up to scrutiny, Obama must return to the old working strategy of racism if he hopes to be re-elected.

So here we are again, facing another presidential election where Democrats have effectively divided the nation into Minority Groups V. Big-Bad-Rich-White-People. This is a genius and alternately lazy debating tactic. Genius because the focus has been turned around, yet again, on race and deflected off of Obama’s glaring failures. It’s lazy, in that name calling and emotionally charged rhetoric is next to impossible to logically debate. Race is the perfect Straw Man.

How exactly are the Democrats playing the race card? With rousing games of “Look at all the white folks at the Republican National Convention – I knew they were racists”.

Oh, and intentionally not giving air time to speakers Mia Love, Condoleeza Rice, Susana Martinez and Arthur Davis. Because that would blow the whole facade; that the Republican party is a white man’s party. So in case you missed them…

Condoleeza Rice

Mia Love

Arthur Davis

Susana Martinez

What else does the mainstream media, that bastion of liberal bias, do when they aren’t editing out speeches by articulate minorities… why make racist off color jokes about throwing parties while black people drown and race baiting.

But wait, there’s more.

Did you know that if you an well spoken and educated African American you are an Uncle Tom, or in Mia Love’s case, an Aunt Tom and a “house nigger”? Apparently being educated and articulate are not suppose to be characteristics of minority groups. And if you are a black women you’re supposed to be a Democrat by default; if you’re not than you must be a race traitor. How does that thinking leave room for forming individual ideas and beliefs and respecting those ideas and beliefs that may be different from our own? Oh, it doesn’t. Who are the racists again?

And finally, a single race does not collectively think and vote the same way. Just as not all African American’s are democrats, neither are all Hispanics. There is no “Hispanic vote” to be bought with insulting promises of amnesty. That’s stereotyping. It implies that Hispanic’s only political concern is immigration… because, you know, you must be illegal or have an illegal family member or something.

When you have a person who cannot look past another person’s race, who consistently stereotypes based on that race, and treats that person with hostility when they don’t conform to that perception; you have a person who practices racism. You have the Democratic party.

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