Describe Democrats in Three Words…

… I am conducting a little experiment. If someone approached you and asked you to pick three words that describe Democrats which three would you use? Be honest.

I’m going somewhere with this. Trust me.

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Mackerel Snapping Papist

  • Candle

    Give me more.

  • Lisa Schmidt

    Politics before faith.

  • Connie

    emotional not logical

  • Gregg the Obscure

    envious child-hating liars

  • Eric Hybner

    Misled, Well-Meaning, Irrational

  • Calah

    Idealistic, patronizing, irrational

  • Rick

    Government solves everything

  • Fuquay Steve

    Give me that!

  • Agnes B. Bullock

    traitorous baby-killing commies

  • Debbie Nowak

    victimhood, dependency, abortion

  • Angela Wilson

    Culture of death

  • Christie Martin

    emotional, governmental, angry

  • Owen

    not much different

  • Christopher Lake

    Impervious to reason?

  • nitnot

    Blowing Up Shit (as in demo-crap … )

  • Ny Mom

    Godless, idolatrous, intellectually lazy.

  • jackie

    abortion, one-sided, government

  • anon

    well, i think Calah pretty much got it, I’ll echo one and use my other two choices to expand. You can remove my input if I’m negating your survey. (Lastly, I’m going anonymous as a former democrat:) idealistic, emotional, selfish

  • ml

    dependent, illogical, unrealistic

  • Katherine

    I hope you are going somewhere good with this… some of the answers have been uglier than I imagined. (I answered on FB: well-intentioned, misguided, irrational)

  • Renee Aste

    hijacked by zombies.

  • cujo

    Secularists, abortionists, ethnics

  • gradchica

    utopianistic, immature, paternalistic.

  • Dean

    Wow, I most certainly do not align myself with the democrats; i consider myself fairly conservative. Some of the comments here, however, have been filled with venom and malice! How horrible…It’s no wonder why some democrats see republicans in such a negative light (and vice versa).

  • CN

    Sad. Very sad.

  • Tim in Cleveland

    Blue, donkey, unions

  • L.

    Liberal, progressive, pluralistic. (Like me! Although I don’t always vote D.)
    Can I do Republicans, too, just for the heck of it? Conservative, constructionist, hierarchical.

  • MaryRoseM

    irrational, intolerant, immoral

  • Christine Hebert

    government nanny state

  • jm

    changed the party: Obummer’s “Change” was so drastic, that the party has slipped down the immoral, godless slope and doesn’t resemble what it once was.

  • contrarian

    “You’re a racist!”

  • Gregg the Obscure

    Equal time for the GOP: unctuous appeasing cowards

  • Emily

    Spritually blind, end justifies the means, illogical.

  • Heathershodgepodge

    Liberal, abortion, welfare

  • Ellen Parrish

    hand-outs, anti-success, hypocritical

  • Ellen Parrish

    Or maybe “heart over head” or “overly optimistic dreamers” on a good day…..

  • rfrendz

    People who vote

  • Anna Rueda-Barrie

    Idealogical, emotional, ill-logical

  • Nichole

    Misguided, self-righteous, amoral.

  • Eugene Edward Yeo

    Either “Drinking Kool-aid” if the hyphen doesn’t make it one word, or “Drank the Kool-aid” if it does. Been talking about abortions. Could use help. And prayers.

  • Teresa

    Well-meaning but misguided

  • Steve

    Nuanced thinking adults.

  • Renatta

    God can read…

  • Denise Griffiths-ocds

    socialism, license, control

  • Shank

    bat. shit. crazy.