Awesome layered with more awesome…

… But only if you’re a college football fan. Check it out; Brandon writes

Tom Peterson and the folks at Catholics Come Home are known for their Evangomercials—high-quality, evangelistic television commercials designed to draw inactive Catholics home to the Catholic Church.

Their newest commercial, which was just announced today, is specifically designed for college football bowl week. It features legendary football coach Lou Holtz delivering a pep-talk encouraging people to chase the ultimate goal: heaven. It will air several times on national TV, ending with the BCS championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame. The commercial is expected to reach 70 million households.

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  • Bill S

    Lou Holtz is a great man and a model Catholic. As a Catholic who no longer believes, I see his faith as a true inspiration. Had I not done so much research and found out the real truth about life, I would be inclined to take him up on his offer.

    • TheodoreSeeber

      Bill, I fail to see you doing any research. You read a bunch of secondhand stuff from people who don’t know God is what you did. If you had done even ONE experiment on your own, you would have seen through their lies.

      • Bill S

        I read books by scientists and historians who are dedicated to finding the truth.