Beethoven’s Case Against Modern Feminism…

… Yesterday was the anniversary of Beethoven’s baptism so I’ve been listening to a few of my favorite compositions from his collected works. Did you know the Coriolan Overture makes a good case against modern feminism?

Briefly, the Coriolan Overture was written by Beethoven for Heinrichs Joseph Von Collin’s tragedy about the ancient 5th Century Roman general, Gaius Marcius Coriolanus. Beethoven’s Overture recounts the exact moment when Gaius is met with his mother pleading at his feet to relent his attack on Rome and withdraw his troops.

Nicolas Poussin, Coriolanus c. 1640-1655

When you listen to Beethoven’s Overture you can clearly hear the conflict between mother and son. The forceful pounding C minor theme of Coriolanus is aggressive and war-like while the E-flat major theme of his mother, Veturia, is tender and soothing. The two themes go back and forth in this musical drama; war and tenderness, advancement and withdrawal. This emotional torrent continues unabated until Coriolanus eventually relents to his mother’s pleas but he has advanced too far in his attack to turn back. To save his family he determines his doom and kills himself.

What does this have to do with modern feminism, you ask? It illustrates the need for separate gender identities, not an androgynous sexuality where man and women are identical in all but anatomical parts.

Women are the tender e-flat major themes in a blood lust world. Men are the strong C minor themes. Their strength can be used to wage wars or to be fierce protectors. Both aspects of humanity are essential. These characteristics compliment each other and provide a natural harmony between the genders. This harmony is brilliantly represented in the Coriolan Overture.

Sadly, women have changed. Women no longer value being women. Femininity is being rejected and scoffed at by, of all people, women. Tenderness is viewed as weakness and modern feminists desire the same aggressive strength and attributes they see in their male counterparts. This gross perversion and misogynistic self loathing is destroying society. The Overture is a call to compassion lest violence prevail. Without women behaving as women violence in our world will not only continue to prevail but will increase in intensity.

Women are taking up the tune of the C minor themes and drowning out the call to compassion and temperance leaving the strength of men unchecked by female tenderness. When females no longer find worth in being tender all that is left for us is unbridled rage.

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