I Can’t Stand It…

My decision to forgo the exercise of active ministry, does not revoke this. I do not return to private life, to a life of travel, meetings, receptions, conferences and so on. I do not abandon the cross, but remain in a new way near to the Crucified Lord. I no longer wield the power of the office for the government of the Church, but in the service of prayer I remain, so to speak, within St. Peter’s bounds. St. Benedict, whose name I bear as Pope, shall be a great example in this for me. He showed us the way to a life which, active or passive, belongs wholly to the work of God.

Read the full text here… because I can’t. I just can’t.

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  • Suburbanbanshee

    Part of my heart is at peace, and I’m proud and happy for him. But part of me is missing him so bad already….

    I don’t know how I’m going to get through tomorrow. Probably I’ll be a wreck, just like a lot of today.

  • mo

    I’m with you on this. . . and I’m a mess.

  • nitnot

    Please take comfort … Papa Bene is entering the most productive and supportive time of his life … do you imagine anyone else on earth as powerful in prayer as he is going to be? He will have all the supercharging of the monastic vocation combined with his own innate spiritual wonderfulness … all this dedicated and united purely and most purely to Christ for our sakes … Thinking of this brings me to tears of joy. I don’t remember how they said it in the Narnia books, but he is going to be more himself now than he has ever had the opportunity to be … and all for us.

  • Anna

    Thank you so much for linking to this! It is such a beautiful and loving farewell. And did you see his message to you? “Every day I carried each of you in my prayers, with the father’s heart.” I will miss him, but it helps to have that thought of being carried in his heart while he is, essentially, in enclosure.