World War Zzzzzzzzzz…

… So I went to see the movie World War Z. I was already dubious from the very start after seeing the trailer. It looked nothing like anything from the book. I was right. If you read the book and then went to see the movie don’t expect one to be even remotely like the other. The Oatmeal even created this nice little Venn Diagram to illustrate the disparity in the two.

I suppose I could qualify this as a fun action flick without any depth, that you may actually enjoy if you go in with very low expectations. However, if you were hoping for any of the social and political commentary, suspense, intrigue, and the pivotal Battle of Yonkers that made the book so fantastic…. fuggedaboutit.

The author, Max Brooks, even “mentions that his only involvement with the film was when he gave over the rights of the film to Brad Pitt and Paramount” and the only thing the two share in common is the title.

And of course, like any movie that makes a profit, World War Z is doomed to be whored out for a sequel.

It was; however, interesting to note that the theater could be divided among three types of movie goers. The fans of the book (me), people going through Walking Dead withdrawals and just needed a zombie fix (me again) and their dates who wanted to see “the new Brad Pitt movie”. The horrified reactions of the last group who were just there for the Pitt but got big, bad, scary zombies instead sort of made up for the disappointing story line re-write. So yeah, there’s that.

And because no post about zombies is complete with gratuitous Reedus…

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  • TheodoreSeeber

    Sounds as bad as I Robot

  • Nate

    I’ll wait till the disc is in the cut-out bin at Walmart before I watch it.

    Nice to see, though, that Monster University beat WWZ at the theaters:

  • Lydia

    Boo. Hiss. I loved World War Z. It sounds like what they did to Children of Men.

  • Tim in Cleveland

    A zombie apocalypse movie? What will they think of next, superhero movies?

  • Fr. Christian Mathis

    I’m sorry to hear this, as I am currently reading the book and it is fantastic.