From Whore to Housewife…

… There are very few things as honest and as soul bearing as this, From Ho to Housewife; How Jesus Changed Everything. Warning: It is a very sexually explicit article, so I would caution more sensitive readers.

Leticia Adams writes about her struggles with promiscuity, being honest with herself about that lifestyle, desiring and finding true love, and overcoming her past through her conversion to Catholicism.

No matter who I was with or how much they bought me, I was still always alone. Every night before falling asleep I would just stare into the dark with tears running down my face wishing that someone would really love me. Not just the sex that they had with me, but really love who I am. At the end of the day, I was always alone; not just alone but pathetically lonely. I did not really understand why either. I was fun, funny, smart, and I would cut for anyone. I bought people presents to show them that I cared about them, and did many other things for them. Then one day my best friend Homer told me why none of these men would ever commit themselves to me: You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. I sat there feeling like he had just drop kicked me right in the gut. There was no hope for me, I could never go back. That’s when I stopped dreaming about love.

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Conversion of Mary Magdalene by Paolo Veronese

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  • Quittin’ time at Tara!

    “After seeing that I started talking to my husband about this whole subject and all he could say is “Thank God for Pope John Paul II, that’s all I know!” Yep, I agree. This world is so lost, they are looking for orgasms and they have no clue that the way to have the best sex of your life is by letting God into your sex life.”

    The point being, better sex?

    This is what I find troubling about the “Holy Sex” trend. It is an inversion of the classical spiritual model of chastening the senses to promote spiritual growth and contemplation. It places upon human sexuality a burden that it was not designed to bear. It is, properly, a bodily function (the most powerful one, to be sure), but it is not a vehicle for contemplation. Union with God is so above orgasm. It’s like a child who wants candy instead of a conversation.

    Thank God our bodies grow old and show us the powerful possibilities of life and love without sex, and He gives us a season of reprieve from bodily demands, so that we can grow past the world of our five senses.

    • Barbara Fryman

      I understand your point and agree, but I think you are missing the boat a bit.
      We grew up saturated with sex as this need above all needs, a key to happiness and freedom and also that it is as meaningful as going to the bathroom. Important for good health, but also not something you wait to do.
      The desire for Holy and better sex is really a desire to find the truth about sex. Once you so find it, like all discoveries about truth, you want to shout it and save everyone from the pain they’re inflicting on themselves.

    • qualcosadibello

      Marriage is both unitive & procreative. Her post is bearing authenticity to the unitive aspect.

  • Infinite Grace


  • CSmith

    “That’s when I stopped dreaming about love.”
    That’s that saddest thing I’ve read for a long time.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      Isn’t it though.