Faith in the face of adversity…

Seen at Frank’s place.

And then there is this.

1500 young Catholic heroes form a human shield to protect the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista;

Between the 23rd-25th November 2013 1500 young Catholic heroes formed a human shield to protect the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista from 7,000 Lesbians, feminists and pro-abortionsists whom acted like demoniacs when faced by the prayers and holiness of the young Catholic men. The pro-abortion, lesbian, feminists spat at the young men, mocked them, daubed them with paint, and committed sexual acts in front of them. The young men did not respond to these provocations, and instead continued to pray the Most Holy Rosary. Fr Tim Finigan of the Hermeneutic of Continuity writes, ‘I was moved by this video of young men protecting the Cathedral of San Juan in Argentina. Pro-abortionists provoke them with various insults and physical assualts, including lesbian displays. There is no response except the recitation of the Rosary. The abuse and intimidation that these good men put up with is diabolical…’

Warning: Graphic nudity, sexual content, and extremely upsetting images. Do not watch at work or around children. It was even too difficult for me to watch in it’s entirety. This is what demonic infestation looks like.

Pray for the lost souls.

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  • echarles1

    If you’re patient you’ll see everything go horribly wrong. But if you are really patient you’ll see it get put right again.

  • Fr. C.

    The video is a preview of coming attractions. This sort of evil will be seen in our country soon. In fact, I myself have been the victim of such hatred at a rally held by a presidential candidate. I won’t say which one, but what I will say is that he calls himself Catholic. But sadly, even though he is “catholic,” he attracted the most vile, sin loving, anti-Catholic hate filled people to his rallies, and they didn’t like me and my associates, and showed it by spitting, swearing, cursing, and physically assaulting us. What offended them so much? We were dressed in religious garb, and we were praying the rosary outside the venue.

  • Quittin’ time at Tara!

    I don’t get how standing completely still while someone assaults you is particularly heroic or manly. Sorry, but you DON’T LET SOMEONE RUB THEIR PRIVATE PARTS ON YOU without fighting back. So you go to jail for assault? So what? Throw a punch, for God’s sake and fight in the street like a man.

    Freaking pacifism. I hate it. I hate the way it has infested the men in the Catholic Church. It makes men totally afraid of their strength and it makes enemies fearless. Do you think those harpies would think twice if one of those guys clocked them cold? Damn straight they would.

    And please don’t tell me this is what Jesus did. He was silent for himself and for very specific reasons during his trial. On normal occasions a bullwhip was his weapon of choice when decescration was going down.

    • Fr. Denis Lemieux

      And these men were silent for themselves and for very specific reasons during this ordeal. Do you have any basis whatsoever for knowing, even slightly, if they are moving in God’s will and in the Spirit?
      How dare you judge them, from whatever safe perch you are occupying (and if you are currently being assaulted by topless screaming lesbians… I apologize, I guess).

      • Quittin’ time at Tara!

        How “dare” I? Could I, as a woman, let some dude come up to me and allow him to rub his private parts on me, as long as I offered it up for his salvation? Ridiculous. Defend the dignity of your body with force. My “relative safety” you make fun of is insured by just force. The rosary is not a magical talisman, nor is prayer, ensuring that you won’t be violated by anyone else.

        I knew that no one was “moving in the spirit” when a capable, grown man let a woman rub her private parts all over him. And, nice Pope Francis you pulled on me, man. You’ve learned quickly to disable your reason and common sense with a slogan that gives the whole world a pass for the crazy things they do.

        It it so irritating to have to explain to a priest what a sexual assault looks like. Haven’t you all had enough classes about that lately? Zing! But don’t judge me. How dare you judge me. Right?

        • Fiddlesticks

          Sexual assault is a bit more tricky for men. As a woman nobody’s going to blame you for defending yourself (I hope!), but, a man clocking a woman for rubbing her private parts against him could be made out to be the aggressor.

    • Nan

      It sends a message but not the one you’re in favor of. Praying the rosary invokes Our Lady’s protection and is a much better solution than clocking the harpies. It may bring the harpies to Christ.

    • Rebecca Duncan

      I must say I completely agree. Even if the men just shoved those women the women would probably start to back down. I definitely would not allow a woman or a man to rub their private parts on me, even if I was praying the rosary.

      • Lydia

        I disagree. I’ve been in the middle of crazy protesters who were nowhere near as bad as this and when the ahem, ladies, worked themselves into a frenzy they responded to any kind of physicality with violence. Fighting back is exactly what they want so they can start a brawl, spin it so the men involved are the provocateurs and win public opinion. They are very clever and very dangerous. A lot of these types of protesters do this stuff for a living. They know how to manipulate the situation to get what they want. In this case, they didn’t get what they want because the guys didn’t take the bait. Staying still in the face of this, even though contrary to human nature, takes a good deal of self-control and spiritual maturity, and takes at least some of the fight out of the bad guys.

    • Heloise1

      A search of the past history of this particular Devil’s party in Argentina, shows that the calm, peaceful protection of The Church can and does work. The faithful there have had more practice than we in America can imagine.

      As a sinner, whose mind can wander during prayer ( I’ve never made an entire rosary with full concentration), I admire and am moved by the total commitment of these brave young men.

    • Awkpearl

      Quittin’ Time at Tara –

      Next time you are in Michigan, please let me know. I will buy you dinner!! Love you, Sister!!

      But, I think that the pacifism these young men are exhibiting is for their own protection as well. If you are outnumbered 7000 to 1500, with no protecting police force around, you have to be careful. In the state of mob frenzy those 7000 were in, they would have no trouble at all justifying taking you apart limb from limb if you even so much as blinked at them. They would feel protected by the sheer numbers of people

      I would have to think that any young man with blood in his veins would be wanting to clock a bunch of them cold. But, I am sure they knew what the outcome would be.

      Moving with the Spirit or not, it was a very dangerous situation and they did all that they could in the face of it. They kept the Cathedral from desecration and that was their purpose for being there.

      But, it does make my blood boil to see it and I don’t know if I could have done it as well as they. Especially if you have been the victim of any kind of sexual assault, it makes you want to die to see this behavior go unchecked.

      Hang in there, Quittin’ Time, we know the end of the story.

      • Katrina Fernandez

        “If you are outnumbered 7000 to 1500, with no protecting police force around, you have to be careful. In the state of mob frenzy those 7000 were in, they would have no trouble at all justifying taking you apart limb from limb if you even so much as blinked at them. They would feel protected by the sheer numbers of people”

        I admit, punching a bitch would be my natural reaction too… but I don’t like the odds of the crowd. I agree with Awkpearl’s words of caution.

    • Romulus

      Quittin’ Time, you are overlooking how the strategy of the provocateur (provocateuse?) works. Fighting back is just what they want. It creates optics that remove the men from the moral high ground. It obscures the moral clarity of just who’s the aggressor here. It gives unfriendly authorities the pretext they need to arrest and persecute the victims.

      Women strike men all the time knowing they can get away with it. It’s unfortunate, but as soon as men respond in kind, they are the losers.

  • Alex Cooper

    If St. Nicholas can punch Arius for being a heretic, and St. Thomas Aquinas could ward off a whore with a fire poker, I would have no problem with these guys pushing a heathen women off of them. However, I respect them for protecting the Cathedral. Perhaps if they had resorted to any force things would have escalated and the Cathedral would have been further desecrated.

    • Rebecca Duncan

      excellent points.

  • LisaTwaronite

    While I admit I tend to favor the feminist, lesbian, sexually libertine values espoused by this mob over many of the values of the Church (and I honestly have to say, I have no problem if women want to go topless, or if people want to simulate sex acts to make their point), I have to say, these ladies were doing everything possible to get the men to react, and the men weren’t giving them ANY satisfaction there. So the men win! Also, spitting? GROSS. Destruction of property? NOT COOL. I wish I could tell the ladies, there are much better ways to get their messages across.
    (And I do hope the red stuff on the weeping man was paint, and not blood.)