Resolutions, No. Confession, Yes. Patron Saints for 2014, Double Yes…

… I’m not into resolutions; that’s what confession’s for.

A lot of people put great stock into making resolutions each New Year. They promise to improve on some virtue or remove some vice. The ultimate goal is a better version of our current selves. Admirable yes, but why wait till the end of the year to propose such changes? Look at it like this; New Year’s is like one big examination of conscience and our resolutions are acts of contrition.

Every time a Catholic makes their way into the confessional they celebrate a new year. Neat how that works. What’s perfect about the act of contrition as opposed to generic New Year’s resolutions is that we, Catholics, recognize the need for helping grace from God in order to sin no more and avoid occasion of sin.

I firmly resolve, with the help of Your grace, to sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin.

If you’re going to celebrate anything over the next few days, celebrate the saving sacrament of confession by making frequent use of it.

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But if you still feel you must, resolve to make your resolutions possible with the help of God. “Make few resolutions. Make them definite. And fulfill them with the help of God.” -St. Josemaria Escriva

In the department of help, the intercession of a good patron saint may be in order. I suggest stopping by the patron saint generator to get assigned a patron saint for 2014, or doing some research on your own and prayerfully finding a saint yourself to help you along. This coming year my patroness is Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Fitting, I suppose.

I wish you all a very blessed New Year. May you go forth with renewed faith.

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  • AMoniqueOcampo

    I got St. Paul Miki, Jesuit missionary and martyr. But I’m also gonna get to know St. Therese of Liseux and Thomas Merton.

  • Kathleen

    I got two who are just perfect for me! St. Albert the Great and St. Anselm of Canterbury. I’ve been reading Proslogion for a while (read/ponder/read/ponder) and “chatting” about it with St. Anselm. St. Albert is new to me but I downloaded a bio on my Kindle and started it last night. and I can relate to so much with him. My two are truly “inspired” luck of the draw!

  • Manny

    Last time I did the patron saint generator was a couple of years ago when I drew St Guy of Anderlecht, who among other things is the patron saint of outhouses…lol. All year long I kept looking for some significance in picking up my dog’s poop every day. :) As it turned out it was the year we finally had our two bathrooms completely redone.

  • CT Catholic Corner

    Happy New Year!

  • Raul

    I got St Damien of Molokai. The only thing I can think of as to why is I am trying to learn to play the ukelele. Ok, it seems kind of frivolous, but it’s all I got afte reading more about him.

    • Nan

      I got St. Eligius once and it was 3 1/2 years before I understood; he converted many pagans and I wasn’t going to church so I thought that’s what he was on my case for; he left me at my parish in the care of St. Pius X who became my confirmation saint. He also found the relics of saints, built monasteries and convents and was a goldsmith. Intervening saints were focused on the Eucharist. Much later, I received a chalice that needed some work and a new priest. I cared for the chalice and had it refurbished; it has great provenance as it was handmade by a silversmith who made a cross for the high altar of a little church in Rome. I mentioned to our deacon that I had a chalice coming and he told me that our summer transitional deacon needed one. Chalice is now with new priest in Africa.

  • Barbara Bowman

    I’m always suspicious of religious roulette, but I said a prayer and found out that my patron’s feast day is my birthday! While I knew St. Cajetan’s name, I never knew anything about him. Patron of the unemployed, and a reformer within the Church during Luther’s time. I pray that his patronage is more connected with our common day, than unemployment.

  • Monica H

    I just generated one for myself and got St. Catherine of Bologna. Her feast day is my son’s birthday. Eeeenteresting!

  • Michelle

    Thanks to you and this post, our family of six are now happily getting acquainted with our patron saints for this year . . . St. Francis of Assisi, St. Leo the Great, St. Perpetua, St. Terese, St Bridget, and St. Catherine Laboure. Our oldest suggested a patron saint for the family as well, so we did that too . . . Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassatti. – — It is all making us exceedingly happy. When your 13 son tells you he has gone to be asking St. Perpetua to show him how to be brave and Pier Giorgio to show him how to help others, it fills up one’s supply of hope rather nicely. Again, thank you.