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...photographer David CHIM Seymour captures an outing with myself, Terry, Digi, and Angela at the musuem. You can tell Terry doesn't approve. … [Read more...]


papists have style…

papal tiara of Pope Pius IX … [Read more...]

wish lists…

... sometimes I like to browse people's amazon wish lists; just to see what they like. It gives me ideas for gifts as well as introduces me to unknown, by me, authors, musicians, and cinema. I'm feeling inquisitive... care to share your wish list?... and mine. … [Read more...]

more ecclesiastical bling than you can shake a crozier at…

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while I am being honest…

... some days, the closest I come to living my faith is this blog. I'm not really that pious, I don't suppose must of us are. So we need to remember to pray for each other. Often. … [Read more...]

when did this happen…

... when did I lose complete control of my life? No little girl dreams, "when I grow up I want to be a divorced single mom who suffers a heart attack at 34 and then has to go anxiety medication to cope with her bat shit crazy family."Because if that were the case then I would be living the dream, baby! I think I hit a new low today when my doctor said I needed medication to treat my anxiety... as if being physical frail wasn't depressing enough, now I am emotionally frail. Well, it's been … [Read more...]

for all the technoloy in the world…

... why can't some geek invite a damn button to un-send emails; the regrettable ones full of wretched emotion and painful honesty? … [Read more...]