When we act as the Divine Feminine…our thoughts become our actions

Jassy Watson lives in Australia, is a passionate organic gardener, artist and a student of Ancient History & Religion. She roots herself in eco-feminism, goddess spirituality and earth-based traditions.




As Ghandi so eloquently stated:


“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny”


Hence, my response to the statement “When we act as the Divine Feminine…” necessitated me to consider not only my own, but other people’s beliefs and thoughts about the Divine Feminine. For to act as her, must we not first believe in her? Pondering this question led me on a quest to seek a broad definition of the Divine Feminine, a definition that was all-encompassing and universal in nature, so that I could respond to the ‘we’ in the statement rather than making my response entirely personal. Is the Divine Feminine something we can define, given the nature of her multiplicity and diversity, and the degree of personal truth and trust in her being? I could go and ask ten people out on the street right now and get ten different answers. Further, any attempt to define one’s faith or inner knowing, not only limits its enduring meaning with words, it also lessens any sense of divine mystery.

Many books have been written on the Divine Feminine. There are many blog sites, web pages, facebook pages, magazines, artworks, music, poetry, phone apps and online stores that declare her name out loud and clear: Divine Feminine! Goddess! The Great Mother! Divine Mother! Sacred Feminine! It really is phenomenal. Regardless, I knew there had to be a common universal thread. When approaching the Divine Feminine, the feminine aspect is obvious, however I believe it is Goethe’s description of the ‘Eternal Feminine’ that is the key. She is the past, the present and the future; Birth, death and rebirth, continual co-creation.

This sense of continuity and eternity became very apparent to me on my recent trip to Crete. At the beginning of the tour we stayed in a picturesque village called Zaros. The village is fed by a mountain spring that cascades down the valley, into the open street drains and into the township. The ambience of the constant sound of flowing water was one of tranquillity and serenity. Water is the source of life and here it was openly flowing freely, pure and clean.  We were invited to visit Maria who owned the local weavers shop. I had seen the colourful tapestries hanging outside when we drove by in the bus and was excited to be able to find out about her traditional craft. Maria had been taught to weave by her mother, who in turn had been taught by her mother as far back as she could tell us. Maria had taught her daughters and she was now teaching her grand daughters. The symbols and techniques she used had been handed down for thousands of years. This continuity of women’s traditional work was a metaphor for the eternal feminine matrix of life itself and it had a profound affect on me that day. Maria and her family were literally weaving the common thread that connects us all, just like women have been doing for all of time.

In their book “The Divine Feminine”, Andrew Harvey and Anne Baring offer that “The Divine Feminine is this unseen dimension of soul to which we are connected through our instincts, our feelings, and the longing imagination of our heart.”  I was moved by ‘OUR instincts, OUR feelings…OUR heart’. This is a valuable statement; spiritual knowledge and wisdom, at least for me, is something that unfolds from within OURselves. The re-claiming of sacred feminine wisdom and re-awakening of the Feminine Divine is profound and elemental, and while we may be guided by outside sources, the knowing ultimately comes from the innermost depth of OUR being. For too long patriarchal religious traditions have had the voice of authority and taken ownership of OUR minds and bodies. The sacred power of the feminine has been denied and ignored and there has been great avoidance of responsibility for poor actions. It is OUR responsibility for the way our beliefs contribute to our thoughts, words and actions. It is time to move beyond this paradigm that humanity has been fixed in for so long. Change is crucial if we no longer want to live in a world dictated by values that have led our destiny to be one dominated by power, greed, war, violence, environmental degradation and human suffering. We need the participation of the Divine Feminine to birth positive change.

My own definition of the Divine Feminine is merely a list of words that come to mind when I think of her: harmony, peace, nurture, love, mother, father, child, spirit, wisdom, sacred, earth, conception, birth, soul, beauty, joy, mystery, womb, dark, light, abundance, energy…therefore “When we act as the Divine Feminine” are these not the things we are trying to embody and project to help repair the web? Our beliefs become our thoughts, our actions, our habits, our values, our destinies. Believe love, think love, speak of love and love will become a habit, we will value love and it will be our destiny. Believe, think, speak, act as the Divine Feminine and she too will become a habit and her values will become our collective destiny. Blessed be.


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