What are you noticing right now…?

Dear beautiful women,

Spring is FINALLY in the air. Phew! (Sorry, I’m in New York…) And as buds and new life appears, so we start to see things. We start to look around us again, we dig in corners, we ferret out all of the junk we were sitting on during those dark days. And we notice.


So the question this month is:


What are you noticing right now…


…about the rising tide of women’s leadership?

…about women reclaiming their spiritual power?

…about your own spiritual journey?

…about the role of women in the world?


Please choose one (or several…) of these prompts, and send us a blog of 300-700 words to divine.feminine.wsf@gmail.com  PLEASE INCLUDE a one-sentence bio and a photo of yourself in a format we can use.

Blessings to you all,

Women of Spirit and Faith



Noticing that She wants me to notice Her
Noticing who I am right now
Noticing the power of life to renew itself
Coming to Peace on the Path of the Dark Goddess