Noticing who I am right now

Who am I right now…

I am a fledgling bird preparing her wings for flight out of yet another nest,

an 85-year old woman who’s not done writing yet,
a baby born into so much love his heart actually beats louder just to say,
“me too. I love you too.”
a man who walks through desert after desert and still follows truth like a sword that was placed early in his heart,
a 65-year old dog who never stopped learning new tricks,
two curious and eager girls on a walk with their dad that want to know your name, maybe more than you do,
an open-hearted introduction that frees our bodies, leaving the ripples of our names in the water for the birds to drink,
a crowd-leading, foot-stomping gentleman that really is here to show people what love looks like,
a young feather in the city, waiting for the wind to slow it’s course so it may land softly on the Earth,
a colorful arrangement of stick-figure drawings that tell the sweetest story of one girl’s journey,
a young man whose search for what it means to be a man, led him to what it means to be human,
and finally,
a young woman who stopped asking permission to live out loud.

Denise Casey lives in Vermont where she writes, hikes, sings, studies and practices mind-body healing and just “keeps on showin up.”  She is also one of the young leaders with Women of Spirit and Faith. While she still feels rooted in Christian teachings of her childhood, she has taken to practicing and studying Buddhism and earth-based religions and traditions.

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