I’m coming to Alchemy because I’ve been dreaming of it ever since the last one…

The reason I’m going to Alchemy, is because I have been dreaming of it ever since the first Alchemy! And as part of the Core Circle, I have had the honor of helping to plan and create this wonderful event.

There lots of reason I could share for why I personally am going, however, instead I want to share my dream, my intention of what it will be, and in doing so, invite you to hold this dream with me and co-create it:

The beauty of this event is that the magic of it will come from each individual who attends in person and in spirit – the magic comes from their heart, their soul, their spirit. And so, as I invite you to hold this dream and intention with me, I ask you to put in your hopes and dreams and intentions as well, and to visualize all that it means to you, so that in our collective visualization, the dream will manifest!

My intention for Alchemy is to gather diverse souls from across the country, and across the spiritual spectrum, to a beautiful, sacred, safe and nurturing environment where we can listen to one another, inform and inspire one another, honor and hold one another, connect and be one with one another, all while weaving the web of what spirit wants us to do in order to protect Mother Earth and all that resides on her.

We will find (or re-find) our voices, our strength, our truth, and recognize our potential as leaders to shift the balance on the planet in order to realize real, positive, trasformational change.

We will do this by healing ourselves and each other and honestly looking deeply within as to what our souls truly long for and by witnessing each others truth and mirroring our greatness back to one another.

We will be able to acknowledge challenges as part of the growing process, and then embrace them – because we know that we are not alone, that we each hold our piece and together will create a collective impact. In the end we will walk away with a bigger circle of support, a new tribe to hold and encourage us and a clear vision of what comes next.

Come join us in making this a reality!

With love and light,

Mohini Moore is a member of the core circle of Women of Spirit and Faith. She is also on the board of Morning Star Foundation. She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her lovely fiance Joseph.

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