I’m coming to Alchemy to be empowered and inspired

As one who has attended Alchemy One, I am so happy to be attending Alchemy Two as well. It is an opportunity to connect with remarkable women from all over the world, engage in meaningful dialogue, gain some new wisdom and insight, and just BE together in a lovely setting.

One of the things I especially love about Alchemy is the embracing and encouragement of younger women, supporting them to fulfill their highest visions and dreams so that they can carry forward the work of conscious leadership and empowerment of other women in the world.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is the time for women to join together in a common vision for a more compassionate and conscious world. The Alchemy Conference gives us the platform to share our best ideas, open to our concerns, and build new relationships for the betterment of the world we live in.

I feel empowered when joining with my sisters – I am inspired by the amazing things many women are doing. Sometimes I have limited myself by thinking my own ideas weren’t as important as someone else’s, but when with other women, I discover that all of our ideas are worth pursuing. We are not in competition with one another, we are all working together because we care about the future of humanity and our planet. We empower one another. It is that blending together of inspiration and empowerment that is the formula for the alchemical “gold” we are creating. All of us are the “gold dust” that when gathered together and refined become the “gold standard” for women everywhere.

In addition, I have enormous love, respect and admiration for Kay Lindahl, Kathe Schaaf and the team that has planned this event.

I really want to see you there!

Rev. Dr. Peggy Price
Inspirational speaker/facilitator
Minister Emeritus
Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living

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