I’m going to Alchemy to be part of the tsunami of feminine spirit

There are so many reasons why I am excited about being part of the reunion of souls at Alchemy: Occupy Your Sacred Self. Yes, I want to be part of the tsunami of feminine spirit that is going to transform our world and it feels like this Alchemy gathering will keep the edge of that wave building and moving.

I want to fly up above this gathering like a hawk and catch a glimpse of the amazing web of women, organizations, networks, impulses, passions, ideas and visions gathered there – a web that is growing more beautiful, expansive and complex each day.

I want to sink more deeply into my own divine assignment in the safe container of Alchemy, surrounded by other women who understand the urgency of a deep and profound spiritual calling.

I want to witness my sisters in spirit, listening deeply to their stories and surrendering to the beauty of their longings.

I want to step out of the demands of my busy life and settle for this precious time in a sacred space, a space that honors both silence and voice, prayers and possibilities, sacred experiences and strategic transformative action.

I want to laugh and hug and share secrets and tell stories and dream together with old friends and new.

I want to be surprised and stimulated and reassured.

I want to show up fully as myself and know that is quite simply enough.


Kathe Schaaf is a founding member of Women of Spirit and Faith, organized in 2010 with the intention of exploring, nurturing and celebrating women’s spiritual leadership. She is one of the editors of Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership: Where Grace Meets Power, an anthology of women’s wisdom.

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