Why I’m saying “Yes!” to Alchemy?

During the past two years I have experienced the power of saying “Yes” to an invitation or idea at the very tiniest resonance I feel. How do you explain saying “Yes” when you don’t know why, when it makes no sense, when there is no time, when there is no money, when there is just a little inner twang that says: “Hey, I want to be there!”

Like so many situations in a life of expanding, experience is the teacher and words cannot explain. Anyone else who has had the experience will simply begin nodding her head at the beginning of the story. She will have no need to hear the entire journey. She knows because she has been there.

What I am seeing is that it is in the coming together, whether in groups of two or gatherings of several hundred, that the new culture is arising. I speak a word, I listen to others, another women adds her voice and magic emerges. That emerging “next step” cannot happen when I stay home and hold tight to the old fears of no money, no time, nothing valuable to add, makes no logical sense, etc.

I have come to trust the resonance of the web of life. There are harmonic chords singing through those connecting cords in greater clarity. When I hear the call, I answer, “Yes!”

“Why” that called me to Alchemy will make itself known during, after or years down the road. Alchemy is about changing. Changing lead into gold. Changing the gross into the refined. Because I have “tasted” the difference, I am choosing to live attuned to the inner call rather than to be beguiled by the outer “marketing” that attracts and tells me why I ought to attend.

I heard the harmonics of Alchemy with the first email. I answered, “Yes,” and am excited to see what emerges within our time together.


Sharon Riegie Maynard is a radical mystic whose spiritual teachers showed her history long hidden and her views of life and women changed.

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