I’m coming to Alchemy so together we can gather our strengths, our playful wisdom, our longing, and create anew

Hello Beloveds!

I am called to this gathering for these reasons:

“To Gather the Storm”
~ Ambika Talwar

I am a woman far from home
making a home with sentiments
who says walls are made
so we can break them…

who says for every step you take
I shall count a star
that falls as a tear drop in the sea

for then I know that my tears
may just be worth something.

I am a woman whose longing
kept her from having
because when we long so much
time splinters
in a myriad directions

and home seems to melt
in some distant song.

I am a woman who inhabits
diverse spaces in your heart
and I am coming
to gather the storm
with you so we can
in silence
unfold the sacred
of our being
where home resides
yes, even home must have a place.

I am a woman breaking my own wall
so I can rise above my
unshed tears and silence
like a Venus with jewels at my feet
and words whose
breasts will nourish
the poem
I offer you.

I am a woman
who has given much
in a forgotten way,

so am ready to be remembered
for exactly the same
reasons that you had a child:

to nourish your soul,
to return to the innocence
you never lost.

So peace remain
in your particles
and sorrow vanish
into the clear blue
where birds sing.

I am a woman.
I could have been a bird
with rainbow feathers
from a faraway land.

Somewhere my throne awaits
and music drums below my feet.

Yes, beloved,
I always said
you’d find me here.

I am that woman
whose side you could never leave
nor want to…


…and so it goes as we unfold creating ourselves again and again. The time now is ripe for another re-creation from gathering our strengths, our playful wisdom, our longing, and our creativity to re-form into a new model beyond sustainability.  As you all know so much has unfolded locally and globally and we are all affected by everything that happens. The only way we can sustain ourselves and  support each other is by showing up, not hiding.

While the best among us may shy away, it is now time to shed those fears and face ourselves in each other’s hearts and gaze. So what we long for is not so far away any more.

And I come because I wish to also offer what has been fecund in me for many years and it wishes space and fulfillment.  I am offering my new work as Creativity Inspirer who is here to be present as witness and catalyst to the meta-formation occurring around me and in me.

I come as a poet, artist, educator, filmmaker and holistic practitioner; I wish to leave as a friend, sister, and Beloved. Let us make more memorable days and ways for utter and complete our fulfillment.


Love & Blessings, Ambika





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