I’m coming to Alchemy to be an active co-creator in global change

I’m coming to Alchemy because of my intention to be an active co-creator in global change. For many years I’ve had a mission of transforming bleakness into light through my work as a peace psychologist, musician and prison volunteer. But in the past year I woke up to a whole new knowing– that it’s time to play big, heal big, time to flow in the global ocean of humanity by opening myself up to participating in events that support this platform. Alchemy is a resounding yes! I look forward to dancing with all of the beautiful wise souls at this event and playing big together for the betterment of the planet.


Salima Jennifer Holt, Ph.D., M.Div. is a peace psychologist. Salima’s book, Sacred Gateway of Grief and Loss: Freeing the Imprisoned Soul, describes the healing miracles that occur when incarcerated women are treated with dignity and compassion. Her second book, the Namaste Dialogues, and the topic of her presentation for the Alchemy Conference, enables individuals to release old wounds, forgive themselves and others, and find inner peace. Salima is also an Islamic Sufi sacred song practitioner with a critically acclaimed CD, Ecstatic Groove: Sacred World Chant Infusions. Salima performs and leads sacred chant frequently, and was a featured performer at the Awakened World Conference (Rome and Florence, Italy, October, 2012). Her mission is to build unity across all peoples and world cultures through forgiveness and song.

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