Accessing Alchemy

I am not a patient, nor a passive, person.  I have long since adopted the lyrics, “Every time I feel The Spirit moving in me, I’m afraid” as my anthem of action. I never quite know where I will end up, nor how many people will end up there with me.

I was afraid to attend the WSF Alchemy Event in November because I know I have a tendency to soak up free-floating spirits, and I have to be careful to whose aura I am open. I was exhausted at the end of each day of Alchemy, and every morning woke in the wee hours with the need to sort and purge the spirits of the last day onto paper. I wrote each morning about the day before.

I have been itching to put the spirits absorbed and activated at Alchemy into action, to address issues that have bothered me since I was six-years-old. I am sixty-two now; I have waited long enough. I don’t believe that world peace will be achieved in my lifetime, but I will die protecting, promoting, and pushing forward the progress we’ve made in my country over the course of my life.

Those of us forming our values as teenagers and young adults in the 1960s and 1970s United States of America faced a fractured fairy tale. We had the inequities of our democracy and the rest of the world taken from behind a curtain of denial. Effective contraception availability, ecumenism in religion, civil and women’s rights, anti-war protests, and the abolition of the military draft turned all of our former accepted “truths” inside out.

I have dedicated much of my adult life to paying back the blessings that were bestowed on me by the bounty of where, to whom, and as who I was born. I can never actually balance the scales, but, as a good Girl Scout, I would like to leave the earth a bit better than I found it. My children and grandchildren are old enough to have no need of my assistance.  I now have time to give my full efforts over to work for worldwide justice.

In a world where many are claiming no organized religious affiliation, there are many discussions, on a world level, to formulate a basis for common core values, for different populations. Many parents from many parts of the world, in very varied political systems, seem to adhere to the same values for themselves and their children. How is it that humans are still at war with each other?

I feel that we women of wisdom and personal passion for peace and justice must enter the conversations formulating policy for our earth, going forward from this point. Our grandchildren are the ones who will have to live with the consequences of what policies are soon set in politics worldwide. Alchemy helped me encapsulate my thinking on this issue and understand how many women feel the same pull. It also gave me the circle framework in which to form a new web for weaving together our talents and passions.

I have been inspired by what I learned at Alchemy to form a women’s circle in my hometown New Orleans, which seethes with every spirit on all paths to all that is spiritual. It is to be a new initiative of “mighty powerful women” in the New Orleans area to share and explore the core values by which we lead our own lives.

We are warrior women in New Orleans, where women were always “allowed” to own our own property. I look forward to sharing our insights and action plans, worldwide, with women and men who advocate for peace and protecting our progeny over property.


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