Body, intuition and heart: A very feminine spiritual path

“Embodying the Divine Feminine has perhaps been easier for me than for some women – I have followed and trusted Her and intuitively followed my desire to live a soul-centred life, and this I believe (as others do) is the way of the feminine. Tuning in to my body, my intuition, and my heart and trusting that I would be guided by Her in all that I did  in life. And after many trustings over the years, I learned that She would bring me through to the other side, no matter how painful feelings might be.

One of the big lessons for me has been to live more from my heart, to live consciously from that state of unconditional love and acceptance than I had done in my earlier years!  I think this time is one for allowing Her to show us the way, living in alignment with our soul, and listening to our body’s messages and prompts. For instance, in my 50’s I gave up full-time work to allow my ‘change’ years to flow more easily. I allowed longer gaps for being and less for doing. And I finally allowed my hair to grow naturally grey!

I experience the Divine Feminine in my life as being fully present and awake in my body, listening to what my heart says instead of my head, and taking time to connect and sit with women friends in deep conversations about life, our family, or our pain and our joy. My Divine Feminine journey has been challenging in that I first needed to acknowledge and then let go of my own, and the collective suffering of the feminine. And to forgive my own contributions as well as those of the patriarchal system that impacted us all. So in a way it has been a relearning. And a letting go of spiritual teachers, however well- intentioned, who emphasised seeking a transcendent state, to one of deep listening to my innate sacred feminine wisdom. This is a deep knowing.

What an exciting and soulful journey that continues, and will do so, until I return ‘home’. I have also viewed my journey as a work-in-progress, to embracing fully the woman I was meant to become after a lifetime of conditioning and influences.”


Mariana Trapera, a sacred activist, grandmother, therapist and writer, has herself embodied her own deep feminine, and is passionate about assisting other women to embrace their sacred feminine essence.

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