The veils have thinned…

The veils have thinned. Yet the streets are empty and seemingly swept clear of people hurrying about their daily routines. No doubt about it. How to apprehend the thinning of the veils in times of tumultuous chaos where nothing makes sense because we humans are locked in the throes of seemingly endless earthbound struggles that have grave consequences if we don't care to rise to the task of securing a calming consciousness? No one is about. No one seems to stir or dare out of their houses. … [Read more...]

The Veil

I first heard the phrase “the veil is lifting” back in the 90’s; at the time, I would imagine that each of us who heard it mentioned in the rather generic way in which it was brought to our attention, thought of it as being something a little different. We didn’t discuss it. One of our teachers mentioned it in passing and left the concept hanging out there. Since then I have heard many interpretations of the lifting of the veil ranging from inter-dimensional access being made more easily availab … [Read more...]

Emerging Paradigms, The Divine Feminine and Learning to Love the Bear

As I scan the horizon in search of religious trends and emerging spirituality, I see a huge wave of change that can be summarized in one sentence: The Divine Feminine is on the rise… and that’s a good thing! The wisdom of the Divine Feminine may be the only compass that can lead us through these times.The past few weeks have been a real challenge for those of us working to build cooperation, collaboration, unity and enlightenment on this planet.  We have been bombarded by dark news of conf … [Read more...]

Lifting the veil: Is the Time Now?

Is the time now? Always.Have our religious, philosophical and ethical systems converged? Well…it’s a process.Like any seed sprouting, there is a struggle against resisting soil to burst to the surface. The evolving spiritual consciousness is happening now. But to happen, it also meets resistance.  This is a necessity of growth.Change is a tricky thing for us humans. On one hand our philosophers early on told us that change is the human condition. Yet, the I Ching was written to help h … [Read more...]

Is the Veil Thinning? Time, Consciousness, and Spiritual Evolution

This summer we will be part of a Patheos-wide theme of "religious trends". Over the various weeks, each of the  channels here at Patheos are being featured, with diffrent questions and themes for each. The theme for the Spirituality Chanel is as follows:Is the Veil Thinning? Time, Consciousness, and Spiritual EvolutionMany of those deeply interested in the spiritual life apart from particular religious traditions believe that the evolution of religion itself has been leading to a new age … [Read more...]

Wisdom, Leadership, and Letting Go

I did not see myself as a leader as I was coming of age, but even my mother was jealous of the powers unseen by me, and often said so. My father regularly referred to me as “a mighty powerful woman,” but I saw this as one of his silly jokes, like telling me that my shoes were as big as gunboats, and that I was adopted from an Indian princess.My father also called me "Y;" he said because I always wanted to know the why of everything.I regret that I did not know that I had this gift that must b … [Read more...]

Wisdom’s Kindness

A stranger approaches. Who is he? Should I be wary? He is wearing a  large oval-shaped locket. Pure gold in the sunlight. That's what distinguishes him. I am sitting at a table at a crowded shopping center. I believe the young man is looking for someone or something. Maybe his brand new car that he is not used to seeking out in the ever widening parameters of an unfamiliar car park.What is he looking for, if not his car then something else. Imagine now, perhaps his girlfriend around the corner … [Read more...]

The Wisdom to Stay Still

Moving slowly and listening deeply are common practices for a Sabbath day. Lately, however, I seem to be in seven-days-a-week period of deep listening and moving at about twenty percent of my normal, double or triple-tasking speed.The nagging voices in my head are quick to point out how ridiculous it is that I am doing so little when I have a book to market, blogs to write, friends—some in very difficult situations—to visit and a hurting world all around me.I know that voice: the good, re … [Read more...]

Where Wisdom Lives

Love is love. Joy is joy. Beauty is beauty. Abundance is abundance. These are all states of consciousness. These are all Archetypes. These are the larger stories of Life Force that are longing to move through us. All we need to do to become vessels for this Life Force is open ourselves from within and receive.The acorn contains all it needs to become a towering oak tree.Women contain all we need to activate and animate our intuitive wisdom.Receiving is the essence of feminine … [Read more...]

What my wisdom is telling me…

My wisdom is telling me it is time. It is time to lead Denise. It is time to stand up and speak. Gone are the stories that don't fit, an empty hand grasps at nothing. Trust the ever-growing circle of strength, love and light around you.My wisdom is telling me, "we have always been here. we will always be here. we will always show you how to stand, how to walk, to sing and to dance. We will always be dancing."I forget sometimes. I forget that my body speaks so effortlessly. "trust the … [Read more...]