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This Coming Apocalypse

Each generation has had to contend with Biblical ideas about death, judgment and the resulting eternity spent in heaven or hell, but none have yet seen the “day” alluded to in scripture. Millennia have passed as people, from time to time and to varying degrees, worried about the end of the world. Apocalyptic fervor might have spiked at the year 1,000 and again in 2012, but God (not being into numerology) did not come. Life continued. So it is that when anyone becomes convinced that their gen … [Read more...]

Why Is the Religious World Quiet on the Keystone XL Debate?

Why is the religious world quiet on the XL Pipeline debate?Editorial note: This post was previously published on Saturday, March 22. On Sunday morning, March 23, the post was deleted due to a technical error. Unfortunately, all of the reader's comments were also deleted at this time. We are working to restore those comments. For more details and summaries of the comments please check the note at the end of the post.***As Catholics, we are likely aware of statements that have … [Read more...]