Winners of the Stevie Selfies contest!

Thanks for your patience, everyone! We’d hoped the mysterious lady in a top hat would share her photo again but alas, it has gone into the ether…like Stevie twirling her shawl in the mist…

So here’s our winners!!

This lovely photo from Nina wins the spell charm from Raven Moon’s Oracle!

This intense and mystical pic from Cora Reed wins the tarot card reading from Raven Moon’s Oracle!

The lovely Dio wins the custom designed COVEN t-shirt (made by the brilliant Lilith Dorsey of Voodoo Universe)!

And this dreamy magical photo from Kate Laity wins the incense from Raven Moon’s Oracle!

Thanks for playing along everyone! Check out Raven Moon’s Oracle on Facebook…


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I'm a freelance writer, film critic, media studies scholar and teacher, baker, gardener, singer and animal lover. Oh, and witch.

  • Nina Lomando-Grigoreas

    How exciting! Congrats. to all of the winners! I can’t wait to see (and receive!) my spell charm ~ How do I provide Raven Moon’s Oracle with my address so they can send it to me? Thanks, again, for running this awesome contest… Blessed Be… :) <3

    • RavenMoonsOracle

      Anyone who won, feel free to contact Raven Moon’s Oracle on Facebook or email me at and I will get you your prizes! Thank you everyone who entered and thank you, Lilith Dorsey and Peg Aloi for holding the contest and all the wonderful things you do! xo

      • PegAloi

        Thanks, Jenn! And congrats Nina!!!

        • Guest

          Thanks so much, Jenn and Peg :)

          • Nina Lomando-Grigoreas

            Thanks so much, Jenn and Peg :)

  • PegAloi

    Barbara Joy, your photo was awesome, too, I am sorry I was not able to get it to load on the blog post for some reason. Thanks again to everyone who took part!

  • K. A. Laity


  • lilithdorsey

    Many blessings to all the fantastic participants! If Dio could send me her mailing address via I will get that right out.

  • RavenMoonsOracle

    Thank you Nina for getting in touch with me for your spell charm. That will be put in the mail Tuesday, since today the post is closed due to MLK jr. day.

    Cora Reed wins the tarot card reading from Raven Moon’s Oracle!

    Kate Laity wins the incense from Raven Moon’s Oracle!

    Cora Reed and Kate Laity, please contact me for our prizes. Send me an email at

    thank you! and again congrats to everyone and thank you for everyone who made this great contest happen! Feel free to find me on Facebook under Raven Moon’s Oracle :)

  • Barbara

    Congratulations to the winners! I am sorry my top hat photo couldn’t be loaded :) Bright blessings to you all! x0x0x0x0

    • Peg Aloi

      That was YOU?? Oh my, you were actually the first prize winner…If you email me your address (link at right of blog) I will make sure you get a prize!!!