Pharaoh and Passover Message

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Message given by Kurt in a series titled, Backstory. February 15, 2009.
This is a message that I gave in the close of series in my local church. I was honored for the oppertunity that I was given and believe that God was honored in the process. If you would like, feel free to download this and give me your thoughts! This message is the result of hours of study, especially the Passover Motifs that connect the Hebrew Scriptures to the New Testament…
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  • Tremonti

    Warning long comment ahead!1. First off I would like to say that you really did a great job with the sermon, which is not obvious reading your posts on the passover where you focused on the 4 cups and the post about groaning! I should have guessed! How you weaved you points was nicely done. I actually wrote my own notes listening to the sermon…and yes I downloaded it to my computer (I will probably use alot of your ideas next time!)2. The only thing that I did not really connect with was your opening illustration though, but this can be forgiven because this was preached to an American context but I did understand that you wanted to introduce the idea of back story. 3. The explanation of connection was very nicely done. Echoes of Wright I suppose ;)…where Jesus leads us to a restored world (new heaven, new earth). On the 3rd point, I liked this quote you gave “John depicted Jesus as the ultimate passover lamb”. Good observation and how the comparison does not stop at the unbroken legs of the lamb as with Jesus. I don’t normally hear people or have not heard people explaining it in this manner. Kudos!4. A quote tht explains everything here to me on the passover “our life exists between the cup” that is the third and fourth. 5.The implication on how the passover then on how we live has emerging echoes as well as that of Wright. You presented it well in the context of your church…balanced! well that is to me. And your final illustration was I should say nicely placed because it relates or weaves your introduction on Israel’s story in the exodus where God intervenes when Israel was under bondage. 6. Your conclusion, point no.3 is what i am reflecting on now. God will pursue even when our bondage seem an impossible reality to rise up from! This gives me great hope as well as a timely reminder of what Im going through. 7. And for your information i heard your message four times already! 8. My final observation and thoughts: Write a Book!Blessings!

  • Kurt Willems

    Jon,Thanks for your kind words my friend. I think that i will use your numbered points to comment on such a long one! ha ha1. Thanks for the encouragement. I love communicating the Scriptures to people in a clear and mind-stretching way. I hope that came across and that the Spirit of God was moving in people.2. I can understand you not connecting with the opening illustration about the fireworks during independence day. I personally told the story for the sake of connecting the ‘Backstory’ idea, but I am not too sure that I am willing to claim the 4th of July as my own “backstory.” I am very suspicious of the American Empire in many ways, and am not too comfortable celebrating the day we gained our freedom from England through killing our brothers and sisters over the issue of taxation… not exactly a ‘just war.’ Nevertheless, i see it as a day to BBQ and light fireworks off… as mere tradition. I suppose you could say that it is similar to how many people view Christmas or Easter: not to celebrate the birth or resurrection of Messiah, but an excuse to get people together.3. Wright did come in handy, and so did Marvin Wilson and others that I read. Ray Vander Laan also was helpful on the Passover ceremonial piece. I definitely used Wright in my interpretation of Romans 8! he is the one who opened my eyes to it in the first place… huge debt is owed to him…. ps. I will hear him speak live for the first time in Passadena, CA next week Thursday!!!!!4. This conscept of our “life existing between two cups” was one that came to me as I read the explanation from Wilson.5. My church context is quite modern. Also, very individualistic. I tried to push them in areas, but also wanted to honor those who had given me pulpit time. I don’t always fit in my setting, but I try to push my influence in subtle ways.6. I am also praying through my final point in my own journey. I am discerning many things about my future, and feel like i am bound in many ways. I pray that we both find a new exodus in these areas.7. thanks for taking the time to listen to what i had to say. You are a great friend (even though our friendship is purely digital! ha)8. As for a book… I do have some rough ideas in the making. I plan to start writing this summer, but anticipate a long journey ahead before a final product is ready :-)Thanks again Jon!

  • Victor

    kurt, what do you do for a living? Are you a lay-theologian with another job during the week?

  • Kurt Willems

    Victor,Hope things are going well in S. Africa! To answer your question: I am currently a youth pastor. I have a passion for ministry, and see my home in such a vocation for the rest of my life. I am also in seminary part time and have some big academic goals (these seem to take place a bit slower than I would sometimes like, but it is worth the wait while I am simultaneously serving in the local church). I love wrestling with theology, and much of my personal spirituality is driven by this. I have spent the last 6 years growing and reading, and love resourcing others and teaching them how to more faithfully follow after Jesus!Hope this at least gives you an introduction to my background!