St. Francis Day: A Worship Song Contest and a Resource

This comes from our friends at the Humane Society Faith Outreach!  With St. Francis Day coming, they have organized a couple of opportunities for church leaders to get plugged into.

1) Resouce

St. Francis Day in a Box is a great resource for church leaders.  Only costs $15… and believe me, you get way more than you pay for!  My box was loaded with good resources on faith and animals.

2) Worship Song “Contest”


Upload your video performance of “O God, Your Creatures Fill the Earth” to YouTube, in your style—traditional, contemporary, acoustic, rock, gospel, country, hip hop, or another!

Once you’ve uploaded your response and registered using the link below, you will be eligible to win prizes for your Church!

For sheet music, instructions, and registration click here:

Check out our contest rules here:


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