What Would Happen if Science Proved Cows Literally Love Jesus? (Quote to Ponder)

“Research could prove that cows love Jesus, and the line at McDonald’s drive-through wouldn’t be one sagging carload shorter the next day.”

(BR Meyers in The Atlantic, as quoted by Matthew Scully in CAFO Reader, 27)

"lol, "the deuce"??Archaic today?"

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  • Matt Miles

    Yes, but we’d justify it in the following ways: 

    1. Have Burger Day as a national holiday when we eat lots of burgers and thank the cows for their sacrifice on FB while hoping we never meet a real one which also allows for
    2. Making unsettling comparisons between aforementioned sacrifice and the sacrifice Christ made on the cross. This might piss people off but it sounds about right.

  • Science has no place in a religious argument Kurt. We couldn’t trust it because scientists don’t love Jesus. 😛

  • Evelyn

    Could we still go for the chicken nuggets?

    (just kidding)

  • Ned Harrison

    Strawman argument. titaly worthless. “”Research” isn’t a person, or even a group of people. It’s not going to “prove” anything. Since this entire “what if” discussion is based on a false premis, it’s an argument about a lie.

  • This makes about as much sense to me as saying “Research could finally and conclusively prove that there is no God.  What would we do with our faith then?”