Your Questions for Don Miller & Steve Taylor (Blue Like Jazz)

As I recently shared, I have the opportunity to interview both Don Miller and Steve Taylor. Don is the author of Blue Like Jazz, and Steve is the director of the movie. I want to invite you to post questions that you would like me to ask them.

Do you have any questions about the book? What sorts of questions do you have about the movie?

Share this with others please, so that I get lots and lots of questions!

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  • Russell Purvis

    Did the thoughts ever arise about making a tv show rather than a movie?

  • chris

    How will you gauge the success of BLJ? Fan reviews? Rotten Tomatoes score? Personal feedback? 
    It must be nerve racking to sit back and wait on all of these factors on how it is received. 

  • anon

    I haven’t seen the movie, but some early reviews say it’s a bit too hard on evangelical Christians. Did you guys set out to paint evangelicals harshly?

  • guest

    I’ve recommended the book to the young adults in our church ages 18-25. I would like to recommend the movie but the visual of drugs and other racy things are harder to erase than imaginations when reading the book. Will the movie leave the young adults inspired to continue their walk with God or begin to question their moral values?

  • Incorinth

    Are they worried non-Christians won’t “get it” because of the extremely short resolution at the end of the film? (I’m talking about the actual story resolution, not the chapter marker titled “resolution”.)

  • Caleb McNary

    One of the things I appreciate about both Steve and Don is how they talk openly about loaded issues in Christianity, issues with a lot of grey area, and a lot of vocal supporters and dissenters,  but not in a way that is hateful or intended to hurt one side or the other. How do they strike the balance in speaking the truth in love? Follow up, how do they deal with the hurtful backlash that comes from broaching those topics?

  • Lorie Ham

    I don’t know if they’ll know this but is the movie coming to Fresno? 

  • JasonWiedel

    I am so excited to see Blue Like Jazz. What kind of effect do Don and Steve hope that a “different kind of Christian movie” will have on the industry of Christian films.