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Shane Claiborne’s “Letter to a Future Church”

Check out the book on this post from earlier today! [Read more…]

What would your “Letter to a Future Church” say? (a new book and opportunity)

The following is part of the Patheos Book club for Letters to a Future Church. There’s a new book that I’m excited to tell you about called “Letters to a Future Church: Words of Encouragement and Prophetic Appeals.” This book is edited by Chris Lewis but has contributions from many of my favorite Christian voices: [Read More…]

N.T. Wright on Evolution, Deism, Separation of Church & State, & Heaven on Earth

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A Silence of Mockingbirds (Child Abuse Prevention Month)

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  Over 3 million children estimated to have suffered from this in the last year. Nearly 2,000 of them died, murdered, neglected. The US leads the industrialized world in child abuse. My friend Karen Spears Zacharias has a new book called: A Silence of Mockingbirds. The book reports on [Read More…]