Getting the Church to Act More Christian (Bruxy Cavey)

Here are some highlights from Bruxy Cavey’s message “Anabaptist Invasion” – the first message in the “Meeting House’s” Ordinary Radicals series.

The Only Time Torture was Ever "Good" - water baptisms and state-sanctioned brutality
Liturgical-Anabaptist-Friendly Resources for Advent & a New Christian Year
FREE: Missio Alliance Anabaptism Conference Talks
Rob Bell & Oprah talk about what they talk about when they talk about God
  • Rod

    For you, I watch a video, Kurt. Yes. That’s good stuff. Have stuff to add, but good stuff.

  • Jessica Buttram

    “We don’t have to spend our energy trying to get an earthly kingdom to act more Christian.”

    I just “Mmhmm, Amen!”-ed out loud. By myself. In my pajamas.

    HAHAHA just kidding, I’m totally wearing pants.