Favorite Blue Like Jazz / Don Miller Quotes to Celebrate the New Movie?

The contest for the free copies of Blue Like Jazz the movie is over. The names of the winners are:

  • Sarah
  • Lauren Elzi DeLeon
  • Aaronoph
  • davidforeman
  • Jas-nDye

Even if you didn’t win, I invite you to purchase your own copy of the DVD here on Amazon. I personally enjoyed watching this movie with my wife. It was hilarious, interesting, authentic, and impactful. I highly recommend it!

It would be a great movie to watch with a college group, small group, or a group of friends on a Friday night.

On that note, I want to invite you to share your favorite Blue Like Jazz quotes, insights, etc (from the book or movie). Also feel free to share any other quotes from other Donald Miller books that you’ve enjoyed.

Finally, here is the interview I had with Don Miller and Steve Taylor.

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**** A Quick Note: I hope that the noise of the coffee shop doesn’t throw you off. Let me just say that I had a great time chatting with Donald and Steve both on and off camera – what great and down to earth guys. They are on an exhausting tour promoting their movie and I am grateful that they took a short bit of their morning to chat with me about the project.

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  • At the screening in Ft Worth. I expected to like the movie going in, but I was blown away at how moving it was. I initiated a standing ovation. Then I bought the DVD last week and re-watched, and it’s every bit as great as I remembered.
    It’s a shame that some of the elements in the film will keep some Christians from liking it. The story probably could have done without the giant condom and the girl using a urinal. which gave the impression of being there solely for shock value. But overall, it’s not only a great movie, it’s a necessary one.

  • Shameka

    Wow indeed one, of the most greatest of all time. He is truly loved and missed my God bless his legacy for and ever god gave us A great gift in him. Luv