Greg Boyd: “A Flexible Sovereignty: Understanding Providence and the Nature of the Future”

A Flexible Sovereignty: A Biblical Understanding of Providence and the Nature of the Future

Greg Boyd delivers his lecture “A Flexible Sovereignty: A Biblical Understanding of Providence and the Nature of the Future” at the Open Theology and Science Conference at Azusa Pacific University, April 11, 2008.

All of the videos that go with this lecture can be accessed by clicking the above link. In what follows is the introduction to this lecture on Open Theism.

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  • Aaron

    Was that Clark Pinnock introducing Boyd?

    • Jacob


  • Greg Boyd is in my estimation the foremost Biblical theologian today. He has presented several views that have totally reshaped and reformed my theology and the way I see things now. Namely, Open Theism and the Christian faith in correlation to the American polity. I highly recommend his books, “God of the Possible” and “The Myth of a Christian Nation”.

  • Kurt, do you know if that lecture is a paper or article anywhere? I rarely have time to sit and watch a lecture but would love to read it…

    • I’m not sure. If you find it, let me know!

    • “God of the Possible” is his book on Open Theism and is available from amazon.

      • Yes. “God of the Possible” is an excellent book and I highly recommend it. It’s also from 2000, so I thought a more recent article might add some good stuff.

  • I love Greg Boyd. I was introduced to his material by Curry Blake who recommended his theses on Trinitarian Warfare Theology; “God at War” and “Satan & the Problem of Evil”. I agree with Greg Dill there, he’s one of the most important theologians in the world today. What I love about him is his open minded standpoint, and his ability to hold relationship with so many people of different beliefs. He keeps the main thing the main thing: “Jesus is the purest revelation of God’s goodness & love”. Love his stuff. I will enjoy this video! Thanks for sharing Kurt! I’m glad you enjoy Greg, too! 🙂