Liturgical-Anabaptist-Friendly Resources for Advent & a New Christian Year

As many of you who read my blog already know, I’m an Anabaptist pastor/writer. But, you probably also know that I’m quite liturgical in my spirituality – something not as common among folks from my historical tradition. I’ve reflected on why I consider myself a Liturgical-Anabaptist in the past (start here), but in short this means: an appreciation for Spiritual practices, a sacramental theology of the Eucharist as opposed to the standard ordinance/Zwinglian views that the Lord’s Supper is *only* a memorial (more to write on this in the near future),  an appreciation for the Great Tradition (although I’m quick to criticize it as seems necessary via reason or Scripture), and a love for the rhythm of the Christian Calendar.

In Mennonite Brethren and Brethren in Christ expressions of Anabaptism (which are the streams that influence my experience), following a Lectionary is not the norm (although there are several exceptions – including my home church). Over the past few years, the Christian Year has shaped my life patterns more and more.

In our church (Pangea Communities – a movement of peace, justice, and hope) we will follow the Christian year through worshiping God throughout the various seasons. Advent, which began last Sunday (Dec 1, 13), is the season that starts everything off. It is, for all intents and purposes, the beginning of a new year for the church. We should probably have partied last Saturday night with some bubbly and New Year’s kisses. 😉

The following list of books/resources will set you up to learn more about Advent and the Christian Year as a whole… if this is an area of interest which you have yet to explore further.

There are several other helpful resources out there. This isn’t an exhaustive list, by any means.

What are some helpful resources that you have found for helping us understand the Christian Year?

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