Simplicity in the Burbs ($2 a day): Amazing Life, Amazing Wife! [Day 8]

Yesterday was pretty normal.  I went to work at the church (I am serving part time until I finish seminary) and then had a dentist appointment.  But, as I read many of the comments and emails from all of you yesterday, something became evident: You are all concerned about my health and eating practices. As [Read More...]

Simplicity in the Burbs ($2 a day): A Day Behind [Days 6-7]

The past couple of days have felt dizzy and busy.  I missed my post yesterday and simply want to say that things are starting to get real. My biggest concern is that I am not getting as much protein as I probably need.  This is something I will need to be quite aware of. Well, [Read More...]

Initial Thoughts on Rob Bell Interview

As you know, I defended Rob as not a universalist from the beginning of the controversy. Based on his interview (still, having not read the book) here are my thoughts… Rob has a big vision of God’s love and grace.  He is convinced that God is not primarily a God of wrath, but of love [Read More...]

Simplicity in the Burbs ($2 a day): I Need Water, Lots and Lots of Water! [Days 3-5]

    Water.  Peanut butter.  Water.  Water.  Peanut butter.  Water.  Water. This pattern is consistent on almost a daily basis. Because I am not a big fan of beans, my default source of protein is the sticky, icky, ooey, gooey, paste of thickness of PB.  I like it, well at least in week one.  But [Read More...]