Is anyone else sick of flip flop politics? I see it on both sides these days. It is really difficult to trust anything when it comes to politicians… agendas take over everything! Well, this is a one-sided clip… but it sure is funny if nothing else. Let me hear what you think… Read more

The following is an excerpt from a short seminary paper I wrote that deals with biblical authority from a postmodern critique… Derrida: Nothing Outside the Text Jacques Derrida was a twentieth century philosopher who is famous for stating: “There is nothing outside the text.”[1] For many, this has been a difficult statement to deal with on a theological level. Modern Christians have taken that statement to mean a number of different things, typically believing it to have negative ramifications for… Read more

This is a video from the Colbert Report that featured NT Wright as a guest for his positively controversial (meaning it is great!) book, “Surprised By Hope.” Check it out and let me know what you think! The Colbert ReportGet More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive Read more

The following is an excerpt from a paper I wrote during my undergrad program. It may challenge some presuppositions that you bring with your Christian background, or affirm some things you have wrestled with… Christianity’s common stereotype in the United States, as well as abroad, tends to look at hope through one lens. This view is that salvation is about accepting Christ as one’s Savior so that the individual can go to a place called heaven after death. Heaven then… Read more

Kobe and some friends from Jackass doing another jump! Check out part two to this series!> Read more

Check out this video… Mad air!!! Real video or funny yet unrealistic idea?> Read more

Was this woman raised from the dead. What do you think about this situation? Does God still perform signs and wonders like we read about in the book of Acts?…….. I want to hear your thoughts! Read more

The following is a journal entry from last summer. This was an experience that continued to encourage me that in spite of my skepticism at times that God speaks to us in direct ways. This is in no way intended to be read as boastful about ‘how spiritual i am’ but simply as part of my journey with God… Two weeks ago I went to a prayer gathering on a Sunday night. The leader that night had a great key… Read more

I recently posted a blog about the journey that i have taken towards having an open mind about evolution and science in general. Although i do not feel obligated to recant or retract anything that i have stated, i want to clarify some things so that no one gets worried about my beliefs. 1. I trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and believe that he was with the Father before the foundations of the cosmos. 2. I trust… Read more

Check out this amazing feat in modern science… it reminds me of a couple movies you may have seen!What are your thoughts????? Read more

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