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We’re on the brink of the 2012 Presidential election in less than 2 weeks and perhaps more than ever the visions of the 2 candidates are clearly and distinctively different. I want to look at this from the perspective of what our basic tenet and beliefs of Centers For Spiritual Living (CSL) are and which candidate or party is most in alignment with those principles. By no means am I representing how all the ministers and spiritual leaders of our faith interpret our principles as it relates to politics. To me that’s pat of the beauty of our faith, we embrace a wide range of inclusivity for differences.

We’re a spiritual organization that subscribes to a basic foundational belief in oneness and unity. We believe in the inherent oneness of God in and as all people of all races, nationalities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, classes and any other subdivision you can think of to try and separate us as a people. Our Global Heart Vision subscribes to a world that works for every-1, is inclusive of all people, is free of war and violence, is in harmony with the environment, and promotes peace, harmony and goodwill among all people.

From the backdrop of these basic tenets and principles, things begin to clearly fall in place. When I look at the basic make up of one of the candidates, the President, I see a constituency that is multi-racial, diverse and inclusive. When I look at the other candidate the vast majority of his constituency and supporters is of one predominant race. That candidate balked when asked did he support equal pay for equal work for women. That same candidate subscribes to a religious bias of discrimination against homosexuals. That same candidate also wants to double the budget of the Defense beyond what they are asking. When I look at those things they are not in alignment with the core fundamental beliefs and principles of CSL.

Jesus based his entire Ministry primarily on Love. He taught us to love God, love ourselves, love our neighbor, love one another, heck he even demanded that we love our enemy. These tenets are the primary basis of my own personal Ministry so I find it impossible to support a candidate who wants to up level a budget designed to move us into greater resolution of conflict through brute force and war. Especially when the money to finance those endeavors would rob us of dollars spent on education, healthcare, services to the elderly and less fortunate members of our society, and the development of inexhaustible renewable energy resources.

The challenger was critical of the President because of his emphasis on developing clean and environment friendly energy resources and not moving ahead with domestic drilling of oil on land and off shore or the use of coal energy. While I thoroughly understand the primary concern here is to create more jobs for what appears to be our depressed economy, I am also aware of a larger vision of the President. A vision to support cleaner air, less pollution and curb some of the self-destructive ways in which we are moving as a society. When I think of the world we’d be leaving for my great grandchildren with our present system of reliance on energy resources that damage the environment and make our air and water unsafe for human habitation, I know that something drastic has to be done to shift our orientation. When their are renewable and environmentally friendly energy resources like solar and hydrogen on the horizon, perhaps it would behoove us to explore those possibilities in ways that create more jobs, booster our economy and more importantly, support a clean planet for us all to inhabit.

My choice of a presidential candidate is based upon which one best represents the fundamental spiritual principles that I hold to be most dear and precious to my own sensibilities and that of the spiritual organization to which I am dedicated as a minister. I’m registered as nonpartisan so I don’t have any particular party affiliation. I don’t believe in following the party line. I like to be free to look at each candidate and issue to determine which is in best alignment with my spiritual principles, beliefs and tenets.

I believe in forging the development of politics, economy, education, ecology and all areas of service to society that best aligns with my fundamental spiritual principles. Principles of love, embracing all people , compassion, peace, unity and oneness, honoring of our environment. I am clearly for the rights of women to be equal to those of men. I am for peace on earth for all of humanity. I am for every-1 having access to affordable health care. I am for homosexuals having the right to the same privileges and opportunities as heterosexuals. I am for people of all races and religious beliefs having equal opportunities and access to the same things as every-1 else. For me these are some of my basic spiritual principles and humanitarian tenets that translate into the type of political policies that are based on and support these ideals.

I’m not here advocating for the elimination of “separation of church from state.”  I certainly don’t want any particular religion to have control of our government. I am clear that we need to be driven by spiritual, humanitarian principles that move us towards greater oneness, union and harmony as a species with one another and our world. It is upon this that I base my selection of my Presidential candidate and encourage all to do the same. Which candidate best fosters a world of love, peace, compassion, inclusivity, vision, harmony and joy for all, not just particular special interest. That’s how I’m rolling.

All love, light, joy and peace be with you all,

Rev. Nirvana Reginald Gayle
Spiritual Director
Guidance Church, Los Angeles

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