This is Who We Are

What is happening in form in the world around us is this: humanity is waiting for us to step forward. When we talk about 100 million “cultural creative” waiting to join our teaching, we are selling ourselves short. There are over seven billion people who are waiting to learn, understand and move into that which we teach and the principles we espouse by any name whatsoever.

I saw a bumper sticker once that read, “God is too big to fit into one religion.” It could not have been more accurate.

God is too big to fit into one religion; therefore, we must fit into God. We have to understand that in terms of the world around us, it is not the effect we need to deal with. Instead, we could decide to make ourselves bigger that the effect rather than falling down to the size of it.

The World is ripe for change. It is ripe, and it is waiting for us to step forward and move into it.

We have been called to do something major. This time, we cannot back down from it. We need a greater idea in our lives. So much is going on in our movement. So much going on in our organization.

Every worldly idea needs to be taken to the world. Every worldly idea is an opportunity for us to serve.

We know this in principle. We know this in life. We know this in light, and we know it within the very body of who we are as a teaching and as individuals.

It is time to step into our power. We can choose to rise above what the form of the world outside looks like. We can freely and openly move forward.

There is nothing wrong with the world out there. I know with absolute certainty that it is up to us, as metaphysicians, to raise our consciousness above effect and move into the world in the power with which we are gifted. This is who we are.

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