Demonstration 101

Demonstration 101 October 30, 2014

child bubbleYears ago Jack Nicholson starred as a devilish character in the adaptation of John Updike’s book The Witches of Eastwick. As with many of his movies, it was a bit quirky and it showcased the talents of some of the best and most popular actresses of the day, including Cher in the role of a sculptress.

Nicholson befriends the women and went about teaching them what they needed to know about creation, and the way things worked.

The image that stuck with me from the movie was when Nicholson had a look at Cher’s sculptures. Each of them was a beautiful hand-sized image of women. He quickly scoffed – not about the quality of her artistic ability, but about something far more unexpected. “You need size,” he said. And so she turned her images into sculptures that scaled the height of her living room, and her position as a true artist was born.

I wouldn’t call that devil’s work. I’d call that God’s work.

The principle that underlines this message is that we get caught up in the form. Nicholson was able to deliver into her consciousness a much bigger form for her to live from.

Ernest Holmes in his book Science of Mind had a lot to say about what God does and he started with this basic idea: that it is God that makes form, not us.

When our ministers teach classes, this is typically when students have their a-ha moment. We help them uncover what the connection is between our spiritual lives as individuals and our connection with that one overarching power called God.

Holmes puts it this way: “God did make, and does make, and is making and will continue to make, from eternity to eternity, form.”

Ultimately, this leads to what Holmes calls “manifestation of Divine Ideas.”

So, yes, that could mean you get to receive that brand new red bicycle that you wanted. But more importantly, the power of demonstration lies in being clear about what we want in terms of our experience. So the questions to ask are deeper than material goods. It’s about a feeling. So we don’t treat for a relationship in our lives, we treat for love. We don’t treat for a roof over our heads, we treat for security and safety. We don’t treat for our illness we treat for the feeling that is behind the condition.

And then we give it all up to God, so that the energy that best knows who we are and what we are can create the form.

God never stops creating form. It’s creating form right now. The challenging part for us is that it is creating form based on both our conscious and unconscious thought. When we learn to be clear about what we really want in our lives, and when that desire is in alignment with the Divine Principle, then we shouldn’t be surprised when we get what we ask for.

What we may be surprised by is the form that it takes. And often, the scale is far grander than we ever imagined.


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