Oh God, What to call it?

My favorite name for Divinity is “The Thing Itself.” The phrase reminds me that I don’t know exactly what it is, other than that it is a great and wonderful mystery I attempt to point to with words such as wisdom, love, power, energy, omnipresence, beauty, allness, creative intelligence, or mind, among other terms. Or, [Read More…]

Meditation: Becoming Compared to Being

There appears to be an ongoing opportunity to become more, or to evolve into a better version of yourself and to get somewhere in life. At the same time there appears to be an ever present opening to step back from any effort associated with becoming, evolving and arriving, and instead to rest in the [Read More…]

Fails my heart, I know not how, I can go no longer.

Fails my heart… These are the words of the page who is following his monarch, the good King Wenceslas, out into the bitter cold to deliver food to the poor.  Through the cruel frost they went together to see to it that suffering would be lessened in the world.  However, with each step the page [Read More…]

The Danger of Sarcasm

I grew up in a household in which sarcasm came naturally.  By the time I left my home sarcasm was imprinted on every brain cell and leaked out of every sentence I spoke.  Out in the world I quickly discovered that as a method of communication, sarcasm rarely accomplished what I thought it would.  It [Read More…]

An Urgent Call To Action

Today’s world is faced with significant challenging issue, including shifting climate, the quality of the planet’s water, world hunger, a seemingly out of control economy, deforestation, and terrorism to mention a few. I recently searched the web for the phrase, “top ten urgent world issues” to discover more than one compelling list of urgent calls [Read More…]

How Rush Hour Traffic in Ubud, Indonesia Helped Me Reframe Peace of Mind

One of the first valuable lessons I learned in my study of metaphysics was the practice of reframing situations and information into friendlier contexts.  As a result of applying this simple technique I discovered that the world is more pleasant than what my thoughts might be about it.  It appears that my mind can add [Read More…]

Easter, A Story I Don’t Want To Pay Attention To

For centuries the story of Easter, to some faiths, has been the account of the literal resurrection of Jesus. To other faiths, it is a metaphor about transformation. For metaphysical communities, it remains up to the individual to decide. Nevertheless, it is one of the three times of the year when churches, metaphorically minded or [Read More…]

What’s the rush? Slow Down During The Holy Days

Each December as the year approaches its end, the staff and I make a firm decision to de-clutter our schedules and to do less so that we can do what we do more mindfully and better. We typically arrive at this decision overwhelmed by the busyness of the holy season and every year we are [Read More…]