Walking Through the Wall


(The following is the transcript of a channeled lecture conducted by Paul Selig in New York City on June 6, 2013.)

Word I am Word.  Why do you know yourselves in certain ways?  Why do you claim identity in your history?  Why can’t you see yourself as you truly are?  This is your teaching for tonight.  We want you to walk through the walls today in the understanding that the walls were never really there, that the obstacles that you use to protect yourself from what you say you want were created by you and for you and are illusory.

There is no one in this room who is not free to choose the life she wants.  When you know the life you want is your inheritance you are claiming the kingdom.  But the kingdom, as we see it, has very little to do with what you were taught to want.  So you must understand the difference here – the life that you have chosen so far has been in agreement with your teachings:  your father’s teaching, your lover’s teaching, your mother’s and son’s, those around you who taught you who you were.  And you said, “OK, that is who I am and I go about my way in agreement with these teachings.”

And what you plan for, what you each plan for and wish to claim are in agreement with what you have known.  Do you hear this?  You can only predict tomorrow based on the information from yesterday.  What if the information from yesterday was untrue?  What if there was no merit to it?  What if you knew, once and for all, without question, that you were the master of your own fate?  What would you change?  You must ask yourself these questions.

“If somebody would tell me I could, what would I do? If I thought I really could, what would I allow to me? If there was nobody to say it was impossible, what would be my benefit?  What would be my claim of worth?”  If you can understand that the walls that prohibit this are creations that are only as substantial as the energy impacted in the creation of it, you can realize how false the structure has always been.

If you see Paul’s hand, it is waving where the wall was.  The wall is in vibration; it is just a bunch of thought that has become solidified because you have agreed with it.  If you change your mind that the wall is no longer there, the obstruction to love, the obstruction to creating a life you say you can have, if the wall is not there, you are free to move through it.

But you benefit from the wall.  You believe you need the wall.  “The wall is there to protect me from fantasy.” “The wall is there to keep me safe.” “That was my father’s wall.  I will not disagree with my father.” “This is what my country believes.  We must agree with the country that we live in. “ And we cement the wall with our own vibration.  We benefit from what we create because we have agreed to it.

So, if you change your mind that a structure that has been cemented and perceived to be solid is really created by projected thought and belief by the individual, or the individual in consort with the whole, you can already see that the wall is an illusion.  It’s a vibratory structure.  How do you attend to a vibratory structure?  You realign your own vibration to the level where you are no longer in accord with the permanence of the structure you attend to.  Do you understand this?

You can imagine rising above something.  There is a wall that is six feet high, so you rise in your six-foot balloon and the wall is no longer an obstruction.  If you rise in frequency you do not attend to what is at low frequency.  What the wall is, is conscious thought projected into physical form.  To realign your own vibration to the knowing that you do not need to believe in the wall, that the physical body that you stand in which is also vibratory may bypass a physical structure, you have changed life and your relation to matter.  Yes, Paul, we are saying people can walk through walls, but we are meaning this metaphorically because that is the level of instruction that you are attending to.

For this young man who seeks to be seen in his worth, what stops him?  What predicates him staying behind from his worth?  What have you claimed for yourself, or you, or you, that stops you from going forward?  What is the wall that you have created that you agree with?  When you realign your vibration to the knowing that you are no longer in accord with something that you believe to be true because you know more, the permanence of the structure begins to fall away.

Paul is seeing The Emperor’s New Clothes, the children’s story.  Everybody knew the emperor was naked but they did not believe it.  Only one person had to say, in his truth, in his innocence, “I see the naked man before me,” and suddenly the structure of the clothing that everybody was believing was there, because it should be, was gone.  The metaphor is apt.

What you believe is stronger than you, is stronger than you.  What you believe is stronger than life, is stronger than life.  What you believe is a limitation that cannot be healed in prayer or alignment or the Word, will be kept from healing because you have agreed to that.  Do you understand this?

Now, Paul is all caught up, “You said they were going to walk through walls.”  As we said, the metaphor is apt.  The walls that you create, that you live with, are your creations and you agree to them.  “She will never marry.  She’s never gonna get married.  I know I’m never gonna get married,” and that is the agreement and the wall has been fortified.  “I will never be as good as my brother.  I will never please my wife.  My wife will never be pleased,” and she goes into agreement with that and you have a fortified structure that you live with.

How do you move beyond these structures?  How do you walk through a wall?  You know one thing – that the consciousness that you are emanating as knows that it’s possible.  The aspect of you, the Divine Truth of who you are, knows it is possible.  And in that knowing, in that knowing, you recreate your alignment and you decide, and we will underline decide, that the wall that you have seen as permanent never was, never was, never was.  It was never permanent.  You believed it to be true and made it so.

Mankind does not believe that there will ever not be war.  That is a wall and the wall is reinforced every time a gun is made, every time a treaty is broken.  Every time a man holds his hand against another man the wall of war is fortified, it is expressed and everybody agrees, “It will never change.  It can never change.  We will never change,” and you agree and that becomes your creation.  Do you understand what we are saying?

How does the wall of war fall?  How does it break down?  In awareness that it is a choice – not a necessity, but a choice.  Do you hear this?  We speak not only to you but to those who will read our words or hear our voice.  It is a choice.  You get what you want.  Your civilization wars and that’s what you get.  “I don’t want war,” but you believe in it.  And in the belief of it you continue to reinvest and strengthen the very thing that you say you do not want.

Well, Paul is asking, “We cannot pretend war does not exist, that is frivolous.”  You do not pretend it doesn’t exist.  You do not know the very basic, obvious thing: that there is no need for it.  There is no need.  You believe there is a need.  You stop believing in the need and then you stop contributing to it.

Poverty is a structure.  You contribute to it each day in your defensiveness, in your belief in lack, that you must protect what you have, that you cannot share with your fellows.  Whoever hears our voice who has more to give than they need, why don’t you give it?  Why do you protect your savings?  “The banks may fail one day.” “I must protect for my future.” “I have many children, they must be provided for.”  There are children who are not eating dinner.  Why do you wait to gift others with what they need and lift them to their frequency so that they may know their worth with a full stomach?  Why do you wait?

You believe in the wall.  “It will not be changed.”  “The government is corrupt.  It will not be changed.” “The church is wrong.  It will not be changed.”  The belief that it will not be changed does as much damage to maintaining the status quo, to aligning to it, in fact, than trying to tear it down.

The realization that it may be changed, that you may claim the change, and in claiming the change go into productive contribution with the change, calls the possibility to you.  If you want to know the teaching of the Christ, you are hearing it tonight.  You create, and you get back what you create.  “As ye measure so shall ye mete,” and that includes all the junk that you say you do not want.  It includes it all.

So, what benefit are you, you who hear our words?  You who say, “Well, maybe so.”  You are missionaries, in a strange way, and the ones with a mission have a very simple mission – to change your minds.  Simply change your minds.  Change your minds to what may be so, so you may claim the kingdom, so you may claim a new possibility, so you may claim truth.  And the truth is, the wall is an illusion.  It is what you have agreed to and what you promote and solidify by saying, “It will never change.”

You know in your heart that each man has the possibility of change.  You know this to be true in your heart – that if each man has an aspect of the Divine within them they may be changed, that spark may be awakened.  There may be grace, perhaps, but there will always be change.  Now, if you can believe that for one man, can you extend that belief to a culture?  Can you extend that belief to a civilization or perhaps to a structure that you believe to be permanent?  Do you understand what we are teaching you tonight?

We are going to take you on a journey next as we are able to reconvene, to move you outside of the existing structures that you have cherished, that you have believed in, that you believe you are born into.  And we will only do this to take you on a little hike to a higher plateau so you may look down at what you have created and decide for yourself who and what you are without the contributions of cultural requirements and necessities reminding you every day what you might or should have been or chosen differently than you have.

There is not one right way to live a life, you know.  That could never be so.  There is not one right way to live, but any time you decide that something cannot change you have created stagnation.  What you are in agreement with then is what is stagnant, with what is stagnant, that becomes your conscious vibration.  You relate to the bank as impractical but improbable to change, that is your agreement.  You don’t like your government but you don’t believe it will change, but you have gone into agreement with it.  What you say will not change gives you a reflection of what you do not change.

To go into agreement with anything means to be in alignment with it.  To be in alignment with something means you shake hands with it and are in accord with it.  So you are in agreement with the very things you say you do not believe in.

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Walking Through the Wall

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