(The following is an excerpt for a channeling conducted by Paul Selig in New York City on September 26, 2013.)

We will ask Paul a question – what do you want?  That’s your question now.  What do you want?  You will all ask this question eventually because you are in a position to begin to claim in a new way.  The self-identification you’ve had up until today has been released by you each in a new claim of worth.  Consequently, what you have created in accord with old patterns or old requirements of being are being relinquished to new ways, to new possibilities, to new choices that may be made by you in new ways.

You stand in your own ways, each and every one of you, when you question your worth. “Will I get what I want?”  is equivalent to saying, “Am I worthy of what I want?”  And “Am I worthy of what I want?”  is the question you can only ask yourself. Are you worthy of what you say you are, the life you may choose, the creations you may create?  Are you worthy of the song that would be sung as you? Are you worthy of the life that you would lead if you gave yourself permission?

We are showing Paul swinging doors, as in a saloon, they swing back and forth – the door goes both ways.  You step in and out over that threshold, back and forth daily.  “Will I?  Won’t I?  Can I?  Can I have?  May I do this?  Am I ready?  What do I want?  I am afraid.  I make my choices.  I may be wrong.  How do I know?”  And you hang your heads in grief, in sorrow, in shame that you have not arrived.

You have arrived, you know, to that threshold, if that is where you stand.  And on that threshold you are dancing in a new way of being.   “May I?  May I not?  May I?  May I not?”  Until you know you may, you may not, and that will always be the case.  So we will say to Paul, “Yes you may.”

You may leave your jobs, but then you choose the consequences that you create as a result of that action, and that is your real question.  “What happens to me when I relinquish a part of myself that I have known my security through?”  We will tell you exactly what happens – you realize you are in worth without a structure that you have used to consolidate your issues, to give you preparedness to live a certain kind of life.

Perhaps that certain kind of life has outgrown its requirement to have you in it. Perhaps you are both ready to move on.  But will you starve?  We say not.  Will you be fearful?  No.  Will you have an adventure?  Absolutely.  Now, an adventure, we say, is never easy on the ego that wants to be able to show the signs to itself for its merit at every turn.  “I must know who I am or where I am, who I am and how I serve based on what I choose.   And if it’s reflected back to me in a way that I agree with, maybe I’m OK.”

But a transition, we say, on a highway between two signs may leave you only with a path to follow and no directive.  When you’re on a highway you may go forward or backward.  You may wander off into the desert if you like.  Eventually you will see a sign.  It will say, “here you stand,” but there is a paradise waiting for you when you forget who you were enough to claim a new self who may know who he is without the fettering, without the ties, without the attachments to his prior creations.

Now we will tell this to each of you – “What do you want?”  is the new question for each of you to begin to ask.  Why do you want what you want and where do you stand in your way of claiming it?  What do you care for?  What do you wish for?  What do you choose?  What do you ask for when you ask yourself, “What are my requirements for growth?”  What stands in the way is only fear.  What stands in the way is only tradition.  What stands in the way is what you have claimed historically that you have attached your identity to.

Now Paul is not solaced by these words.  He doesn’t like them in the least.  Why should he?  He is being challenged to be recreated on every level.  What does one do when one is being challenged to be recreated? They run for the hills.  They go to the known.  They go to hold the self that has a way of coping.  “I will have a drink.  I will eat some food.  I will find a man.  I know how to get my needs met so I don’t have to feel my feelings and encounter the self that wants to run.”

The aspect of each of you that wants to run is the aspect that doesn’t know who he is.  Do you understand this?  The aspect of each of you that wants to fear doesn’t know who she is.  She thinks she is protecting you, she thinks she is keeping you safe.  She hasn’t witnessed the new potential being born as you in a way that will allow her to trust this process.  So what are you to do?  What are each of you to do?  We will show you now.

“On this night I choose to realign my vibration to what I may claim in a witnessing of my worth without the need to attach to old identity, to old patterns, to old ways of knowing myself.  On this night I choose to be in liberation of what I have created so I may be in a new creation.  I do this lovingly.  I untie the shoelaces to the shoes I’ve worn so my feet may be placed in new shoes for the new walk before me.  I allow the new shoes to be placed on my feet and I allow myself to walk where my new shoes lead me.  I am being given a gift here to walk free.  I am no longer tied to a path I have trod.  I am no longer tied to a world I have known.  I am no longer limited by a life I have chosen because I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I choose.”

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