Yes, I May

(The following is the transcription of a channeled lecture conducted in Austin, Texas on November 24, 2013. Paul Selig served as channel.)

Word I am Word. We will ask questions today about their needs, their requirements for growth, what they don’t understand and what they must understand to continue on a journey that circumvents previous patterns of expression. What you have known yourself through in the bodies you stand in, the homes you reside in, are simply reflections of states of consciousness that have been built by you to attend to those needs that were created at certain times in your life. To be in accord with a new vibration, in many cases, requires a dismantling of the old and the old cannot stand as it was on the new firmament. Paul is seeing the image of a house being carried up a mountain to reside on a new plane. The house doesn’t fare very well; it was built to last in a lower atmosphere. The requirements of the house as it was built were to attend to the weather and the conditions, and the foundation was built in earth that was very different than it is in the high plains. So you understand the metaphor, yes? You are the house, you are being lifted and your creations must then reflect those things that matter to you now.

Now, some of you like to do these things in dramatic ways. “Oh, he told me I am moving – I will sell the house tomorrow. I will give up the kids for adoption. I will have a lovely life, now.” And that would be foolhardy. And that is not the teaching here. The teaching here is very simple. Don’t look at the creations that you have known and erected and been supported by to support you in the new weather, in the new climate, from a new vantage point that you now stand at.

When you lift your vibration, your world must be at attendance to this shift. Now, the out-picturing of your consciousness may be realized by you in many ways – the jobs you go to, the homes you live in are perfect examples of ways to out-picture consciousness, but you don’t need a home or a manager to have a new reflection. A new reflection may simply be. “I no longer go where I went to know who I was. I stand where I am. I see what is around me. I see what I have been introduced to at the new level of consciousness. I have been made manifest as and at this new conscious frequency. I align to those creations that would be of the most benefit to me.” This is very simple, yes. It stops you from having to do something, to erect a new structure before you understand the weather or the climate or the height that you stand at. When you understand where you are, you may live as you like, but the temptation will always be one of two things – to re-erect the home you have known because it is how you are familiar with yourself, or to dismantle the home entirely, leave it as rubbish and demand the new home be built for you because you believe you deserve it.

Now, when you dismantle something that way, you are creating trauma for the self that still needs to see her own reflection in the mirror so that she may get comfortable with the new identity she has claimed. So that is why we tell you very simply – stand where you are. Let yourselves know where you are. See what you have called to you now. Understand the climate you attend to, the atmosphere of the consciousness frequency, and then you may attend to what you require. Do you understand the difference here? We are teaching you this so you don’t be foolhardy. “I took a class, I must leave my home.” And you don’t be too docile. “I took a class and so what?” The class that you are attending, actually, is a class in your own awareness, your own conscious frequency and the ability to know yourself is the benefit of the attendance.

As your requirements change, you live a new life because the old life has lost its requirements to be you, to be you, to be you. What you create when you are five is appropriate to a five year old’s needs. What you request as a grown woman would be in accord with her needs at that age. The confusion to you all comes in a belief that things should look as they did if you are to be who you are.

Now, what has changed, but an opportunity to know the self in a new way through a new expression, a new experience? What has changed but growth? “Well, there is bad change,” Paul said. “We don’t like it when our houses fall down around us.” That is still an opportunity for growth, no matter how you frame it.  It is still there as an opportunity for growth. You dictate what growth should look like. You have lots of books on the shelves of your homes. “My growth should be like this because she said so.” “I must know my growth in the way that he told me.” That is not true, those are simply opportunities to be mirrored by somebody else’s expression.

Now, the dominion you’ve been gifted with, “I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve,” is a lamppost in some ways that will brighten the road that you walk down. When you need a bright road, you claim your frequency, “I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve.” To stand in your incarnation as your true self, the modifications that you need as you attend to your needs will be chosen by you in accord with this teaching. You will decide for yourselves what your requirements are based on present need and not history. “When I was younger I needed a tooth in my head to chew my food.” Now you have a handful of teeth in your head, you don’t think twice. You decide what you need based on your needs today.

Now, what is growth but opportunity? And what is opportunity but a new possibility? We will teach you possibility now as a way of understanding what can be. When you know that something can be, you may claim it. You may believe it may be so. Until you agree that it is possible you cannot claim it – it cannot be brought to you because you will not align to it as frequency. So what is possible? Anything you say and trust and know to be true. Until you decide that what is possible may be so, you will only be calling on the things to be made manifest that you were taught could be made manifest, and that is your history. Do you understand this? We know what a war looks like – we have had many wars. We know what a love affair looks like – we have been taught what they are. We know what a good child behaves like – we have seen many pictures of good children. “That is what my child must be. If I am not a good mother, my child would resemble something I don’t like and I cannot agree with.” When you decide what is possible, you elasticize your consciousness to agree with something new. To agree with something new means to move into accord with new possibility. “I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve,” claims this as so in the present moment. “I know, I know, I know,” is the key phrase. The demonstration of your knowing is what you perceive around you because your consciousness must be demonstrated in your physical world. Do you understand this?

You want to know who you are? Look and see what you create, what you have agreed to and then you can make new choices. The claim, “I know who I am,” is a re- identification of the self, with the true Self as the Christed Self – the manifestation of God as man. The announcement to your own vibration calls it into present field in this very moment where you move into alignment with the new, with the new, with the new.

Now, what is a possibility but what may be? What may be is what you say yes to. “Yes, I may,” is what we have taught you. You say, “yes, I may,” as a claim of potential, of possibility, as an announcement to the self, “I am here, I am here, I am here,” and I may claim what I need in accord with that. But your needs, we say, have been prescribed to you. “I need a better job,” is not thinking out of the box, you see. The box says you have to have a job and as long as you believe that to be so, and at the source of your income is your job, you will be framing that and at the mercy of your employer to tell you what benefit you have.

Now, if you understand something different, that the causal frequency you hold is much higher than you know and is aligning to you now as your incarnate self, the division between you and what was becomes more obvious. “I knew who I was through my marriage, through my husband’s approval of me, through my wife’s divorcing me, through the raise I got two years ago, through the present from my children.”

You know yourself through the artifacts of a life when, in fact, your life is not an artifact. The reframing of the self, “I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve,” decides for you that you may sing the new song and the song that is being sung as you is the Christ as man, period, period, period.

Now this is not heretical. This is a requirement for the transition of this race to come into alignment with its heritage. The Divine Self as you seeks annunciation, “I am here, I am here, I am here.” And the frequency you hold will shift you beyond what you have claimed in identity and the manifestations you know the self through will fall away, will be recreated or lift with you as they are aligned to you.

Who are you now? “I am the one who may know who I am. Yes I may, yes I may, yes I may. I am the one who knows what I am. Yes I may, yes I may, yes I may. I am the one who knows how I serve. Yes I may, yes I may, yes I may.” And as the song is sung as you, your resonance shifts to align to those creations that are in accord with you. Your possibilities increase because they cannot be left where they were as attended to by the old self. The old self sits by the fire, she pokes the coals, she says, “Will there be enough heat to keep me warm for the winter?” She asks questions of herself, “Will I be happy? Do I have a life that is worth living? Will I love someone again?” The true Self knows the answers, “Yes I may, yes I may, yes I may.” And in that claim of possibility you encounter yourself in the new possibility. Do you understand what we are teaching you today? You may say, “yes,” if you do.  Then ask yourself the question, “What do I need, what do I need, what do I need? And what aspect of the self is claiming the need? Am I the woman by the fire questioning her worth or am I the one on fire in a blaze of my own awareness?” The one who knows who she is, who he is, is the demarcation and the answer in vibration that will gift you with what you require.

We will ask questions soon, Paul. He is trying to interfere with the teaching. He doesn’t like the accent.  We do what we like and we teach very well this way. We are informing those before us of our exchange of consciousness in a new identity as modeling them as their own awareness shifts beyond what they have known themselves as.

Now, we ask you each something new – who do you deny? Who do you deny love to? Who do you fear?  What is the worst thing that could happen? What do you hold sanctified in your judgment and fear?

We would like to create a pyre in the middle of the room, a blaze of glory, if you wish, a fire of light and substance.  And we say to you each, we would like you to divest the selves of those things you’ve carried that no longer serve your true worth. “I give permission to myself today to renounce the past self that was in fear, to hold her in love, to shift her in frequency so she may join me in the light. I give permission to my full self to release the masks she has worn so she may be seen in her beauty so I may know myself as I truly am.  May I know myself?  Yes.  Yes, I may choose.  Yes, I may say, yes.  Yes, I may allow.”

So, you see the fire before you ablaze of light spinning in the room and we ask you each to allow yourselves to be freed in this moment in time of all your history and all the self-denial that you have aligned to as yourselves. You release your history as the one who may choose to. It doesn’t mean you didn’t go to school where you did, it means you no longer attach to who you thought you were in a limited manner that circumvents your own potential.

His arms are lifting, you see. He is claiming in high frequency. We are serving you through him. Would you each decide now on the count of three, if you wish, to release those aspects of the self that are no longer healed, that are no longer loved, that are in judgment of others to be reframed in awareness of love, in awareness of worth, in awareness of your own divine truth.

You will say this now with Paul, you repeat after him please. “On this day I choose to release myself of those investments that I have created, that I have agreed to, that I have chosen, that I have aligned with that no longer serve my highest good. I give myself permission to release these things in accord with my divine will. My frequency is shifting to support this and I give permission to my higher self, my Divine Self, to support me in this transition. I know who I am. I know what I am. I know how I serve. I am Word through this intention. Word I am  Word. So be it.” Let it go, let it go, let it go. Let each one know themselves as free, as free to choose, free to witness, free to create, free to claim, free to rejoice, free to love, free to heal, free to grieve, free to see what you need to see in order to know what you need. We are aware of your needs, we will attend to you each as we can, as we align to you as the Word.

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