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Down Syndrome: What Story Will you Tell?

I had this moment when we were on vacation in Virginia Beach. I was looking at Penny, and I wondered what other people thought when they saw her from a distance. I assume they saw a little girl playing in the sand with her family. And I assume if they got closer, they would see [Read More…]

Our Annual Co-Parenting Experiment

I have a new post on Motherlode (“Learning to Walk in Another’s Flip-Flops“), the parenting blog of the New York Times. It was prompted by reading a recent article in TIME (“Chore Wars“), in which Ruth Davis Konigsburg reported that men and women work more or less equal hours if you add together their time [Read More…]

Why We All Need Our Dads

Peter left yesterday morning for some meetings in New York City. He returns this afternoon. I didn’t think too much of it ahead of time. My mom was around yesterday morning. We had plenty of activities–camp, swimming lessons, dinner with friends. And it was only a day and a half, for goodness sake. But by [Read More…]

Books that Bridge the Religion Gulf

One of my hopes as a writer is that I would be in conversation with people who don’t see the world the way I do. I’d like to offer my perspective as a Christian in a way that encourages dialogue and invites relationship with people of other faiths, people who don’t know what they believe, [Read More…]

Where are your Cities of Refuge?

The only time I go running with my husband Peter is when he is pushing at least two children in a jogging stroller. I remember one time, many years ago, when we were running side by side and I told him I needed to rest. “You can do it,” he said. “I know you can.” [Read More…]