Hat Trick, and October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month

This post is an excuse to a) show you what Penny did at her babysitter’s wedding shower this past weekend, which is to say, spend an hour trying on different hats and “walk down the aisle” (her words), stop, twirl, and wait for the applause of the forty or so women in the room (photos below, in which I only captured a very few of her poses because Penny got annoyed with me behind the camera, as some of the photos attest), and b) remind you that October is Down syndrome Awareness month. I wrote a post for the goodyblog of parents.com a few weeks back called “What I Learned From Having a Child With Down Syndrome.” This week it’s being featured on the hompage of parents.com and on Yahoo Shine. So show your support for families and children/adults with Down syndrome by checking out the post in one of these venues and sharing it with your friends!

Here she is:


Ready to walk down the aisle

A little annoyed with the camera


Starting to say, "Mom! Stop!"

And then I had to put the camera away . . .

Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

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  1. Too Cute!!! Don’t you love it when they remind us that we are recording the moment rather than living in it…Thanks for the great pictures!

  2. Joseph Ryan says:

    I know that look. No cameras, please! Patricia is right. they remind us that we are recording the moment instead of living it. How true!