Mama Monk, my new Favorite Blogger

It might seem odd, but I don’t read very many blogs. I read magazines in the good old-fashioned way, and I read articles from the New York Times on my phone, but blogs kind of overwhelm me. There are too many out there, and I just can’t keep up. So I generally stick to Time, The Atlantic, Christianity Today, The Christian Century, Books and Culture, The New Yorker . . .

But I do subscribe to a few, just a few, other blogs. I’ve recommended Sara Hagerty’s blog and Ellen Painter Dollar’s blog before (and I’ll be writing more about Ellen’s excellent new book, No Easy Choice, soon). So today I want to tell you all about Micah Boyett Hohorst, otherwise known as Mama Monk. She’s the mother of two young kids. She’s a Christian. And she’s an excellent writer. I subscribed to her blog a few weeks back, and it’s great. Here’s a taste of my most recent favorite posts:

Hard Thankful, in which she discusses being thankful in the midst of suffering,

Fumbling Toward Alleluia, in which she writes about kids in church and how we’re all just trying to figure it out,

and Poem-a-Day Friday: Thomas Heise, in which she shares her favorite poem of the week (I love these every week, this just happens to be the most recent one).


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